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Thursday, June 18, 2015

U.E. Update: Happy B Day DJ Samore & 2pac !!!! #newmusic @1omarion & Lately @trillionismoney @ninostaxx #lately

DJ Samore and 2 pac Birthday was June 16th this week...

Tribute to Pac , one of DJ Samore's favorite songs To Live and Die in La

 DJ Samore New Mixtape "U.E. Summer Indie Turn Up 2015": What you know about it

 New Heat - Summer Turn Up from Omarion - I'm Up!!!!  

Trillion is Money and Nino Staxx drops the Lately Music Video (Official Single)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

U.E. Update : Artist Spotlights: @tjuan Fleek [official video], @trillionismoney & @ninostaxx latest from "Moves and Money", #Newmusic @natalielarose Around the World

Finally the video is out, you might have heard this on the radio show, DJ Samore gotta have the playlist on "Fleek" with this one. In cased you missed it check out the interview wiht Tjuan on the urban experience, with DJ Samore (Click Here).  The album Better Man releases this month.

Official video from Tjuan Ft Celina Lina "Fleeked"

Artist Spotlight no. 2:  Our boyz Trillion and Nino Staxx are working on the new project "Moves and Money" drop the latest visual Rose pedals.

Visit http://solidbrickfilms.com to watch more exclusives!

Check out http://ninostaxx.com and http://trillionismoney.com to hear more music!

 New Music: Natalie La Rose feat Fetty Wap: Around the world

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Urban Update: Empire Boyz Jussie Smollett and Yaz perform "You're so Beautiful", Kendrick 35th CA Senate Genration Award

Jussie Smollett and Yaz - You're So Beautiful perform live on GMA

Everyone is excited for Fall, Season 2 of Empire!!!!

Kendrick Lamar Honored on Senate Floor , congrats to Kendrick!!! 

Urban UPdate: Artist Spotlight @sammiealways Show Me @tahj_mowry Flirt @puppbarber Something to Prove Introducing @official_tink

This Urban Update Artist Spotlight spotlighting the new single (official video) from Sammie "Show Me" featuring Ying Yang Twins, Tia and Tamara little bro Tahj Mowry getting his flirt on , and new up and coming Pupp Barber got something to prove. You know I couldn't forget my ladies.....I must spotlight the hot new record from Tink "Million".

 Sammie - Show Me feat Ying Yang Twins (Official Video)

Tahj Mowry - Flirt (Official Video)

Pupp Barber - Something to Prove

 NEW MUSIC ALERT!!!!! HOT off the press from Timberland's artist Tink "Million"... stay tuned we are trying to get her to check in on the urban experience for an exclusive DJ Samore interview..... But check out this record DJ Samore predicts it just might be something....

 Tink - Million

Monday, May 11, 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

U.E. Update #artistspotlight @Sevyn *4th Street* #officialvideo , the 1st African American U.S. Attorney General

You know I was going to post this one, Sevyn Streeter, release the latest record that's going to be on her album "On the Verge" releasing this summer, the one the most personal to her. It's a real song and you can feel the realness from the beat to the lyrics. It's about her hometown, shot in her hometown, it's real and authentic, and the dope visual!

Shout out to you Sevyn nice record, and we can't wait until the album drop... Check out our Sevyn Streeter interview on the Radio Interview page.

Sevyn Streeter - 4th Street - Official Video

Shout out to history in the making ... the 83rd U.S. Attorney General was sworn in this week, and she's the 1st African American Female to hold the position... Good History, Positive things are still in the making, The President cosign her, and she says this time the Good guys won this time.

Shout out to Loretta Lynch, so hopefully things can really begin to change and things like what is going on in Baltimore with the Freddie Gray situation some resolution will happen for the future and history do not have to repeat itself.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

U.E. Update : #artistspotlight EL-Ra / Phats #bouther #officialvideo and @therealrubyred #lightscameraaction

Artist Spotlight

El-Ra / Phats - Bout Her (Official Video)

Ruby Red - Lights Camera Action

Want your music video, single, spotlighted on the urban experience email urbanentradio@gmail.com

Friday, April 17, 2015

U.E. Update: #artistspotlight #officialvideo #wouldyoumind from @ronnie_vop , #newmusic @tejaimoore, Vivian Green , and Marc Ronson & Mysitikal

The anticipation is over, Ronnie VOP (@ronnie_vop) has official dropped the video for the smash record to the streets and radio waves , Would You Mind.

Tejai Moore is back on his Remix ish, now that the album Drums and heartbeats is out...Support the project on Itunes, check it out on www.tejaimoore.com. He let you know he's still 305 and how it's really post to be on the tejai moore remix ... Check it out here

 New Music : Vivian Green "Get Right back to my baby"

Marc Ronson is gonna be that dude for 2015, he already hit us with Uptown Funk with Bruno Mars... Now he bout to hit us with the hot record Feel Right with Mystical. Marc Ronson got it this year on the blue eye soul tip...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

#NewSingle #NewMusic DJ Samore (@yodj_sourban) feat @newcupid @jigg305 @chantelaymusic @jayshepard

Check out the new release off DJ Samore's anticipated EP "We WErkin part one" ,  this one is a spring/summer time feel; produced by Phats Traxx. Shout out to the Dance Party King blessing the track on the hook @newcupid ; And catchy hot verses from;  Miami artist @jigg305 heating up the streets, online, and radio waves with the high anticipation of his project High Grade 3 coming this summer 2015, Chantelay apart of rnb hip hop due ATM (Addicted to Music), and skeelo muzik/sony red artist Jay Shephard brings his hip hop rnb reggae vibe to the track.

Take a listen the track; We show you we are werkin' now it's time to show you how we do it #howyoumove

Send feedback to urbanentradio@gmail.com ; DJs need the record use the same email. Thank you to everyone for your support and future supporters!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

U.E. Update: @jigg305 New Musick #highgrade3 @trillionismoney is Digital Now and Phats Traxx #ueinterview

Artist Spotlight- JiDoubleG (Jigg)

Everyone has been asking Jigg about High Grade 3, what is it sounding like? Even DJ Samore only could be like this is going to be my best work ever from Jigg quoted from the Urban Experience Radio Show, He dropped "Let's Fly" then he hit us with "Stairs" straight from the Highly Anticipated High Grade 3. If you thought "So Hot" was that track, "Stairs" is the official set up for us wanting this High Grade 3 project...coming this year 2015 for sure and that's quoted by Jigg himself! 

 Check out "Stairs" - Jigg #highgrade3  

Producer- Artist Spotlight : Phats Traxx 

 Next Producer to be on the Move Phats Traxx ; talks about current projects DJ Samore's EP, El-Ra (singing alter ego), and more .... here is footage from his visit to the Urban Experience.

 Trillion been hitting the streets with TrillionIsMoney Cds and the internet with hella visuals with his brother Nino Staxx via Solid Brick Films ..The project is finally on Itunes...

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