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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

urban ent update: you know that...., willow got swag..., mariah busted her ..., and more

What's goodie fam!!!

New segment! You Know That...., new top 10 list of you know that ....

the first topic was you know that ...you are so urban....

10. if you put chips in between your sandwich
9. if you are over 12 and still drink kool aid
8. if you are the loudest person in your click
7. if you have different colors of the rainbow in your hair
6. if you add "s"tto words that shouldn't have "s" at the end of them (peoples)
5. if you got a different baby mama/baby daddy for ALL of your children so urban
4. if you and your mama go clubbin together
3. if you name your kids cars (Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley, Escalade)
2. if everybody is some kin to you
1. if you relate to ya girl dj samore


okay so i wud post all the madness with bishop eddie long...pimpin lil teen boys out ....but i'm not going to do that..cuz really u got enough of that!!!

I will post a video of Mariah Carey busting her a$$ on stage...wearing dem damn stilettos dats what u get....

But really i'm glad she okay tho...she kno she can't be doing all that while while she pregnant tho...#imjustsayin

It's official Boss Bitch Music Vol. 2 Release!!!!! 
another classic epic mixtape from ya girl ...Rasheeda!!!

Download NOW

Look out for Boss Chick Reloaded with ya girl DJ Samore n DJ Beanz hosted by the Boss Bitch herself Rasheeda #imjustsayin

Willow S.- whip it teaser video

im telling lil willow gon kill dem in 20-11 ya'll...#teamwillow #imjustsayin

ice cube she couldnt make it her own

Other Urban Entertainmentness News!!!

Carmello might be going to the Nets...Orlando thinking he's coming to them...but really in my opinion i say he needs to get on a winning team #teamlakers but u kno!!! Him and LaLa show is too cute on vh1....watch that sunday nights!!!

Oh yeah dat is not Rick Ross in the sex tape #thankgod .....not a good look we would like to see of rosay again #imjustsayin ..... 50 cent tryna start ish...just doing a track with anybody...i guess he tryna get his name out there again...he even talks with touring with ye...if ya ask me 50 ya getting old bruh...and #thatisall

Lastly, 106 and park 10 years damn they let that show last that long...shoooot if they ask me either revamp the host again or cancel dat ish..cuz uh yea its just not like it was when it first came out....but if trl got phased out so will 106 and park..no hating on my part, but it's just how it goes!!!! But congrats on the show 10 years, for urban programming, that's what's up!!!

A lot of questions about urban music 101 - well i don't know what's going on with Mr. Pulliam but we shall see what's goodie!!! still send your music to urbanmusic101@gmail.com for feedback review. After this week, we will know the future of the segment, ya digg!!!

Jus ask yo question with Candy from Sweet Addictions Tv- another area getting a lot of your questions all questions go to askyoquestion@gmail.com and will be chosen and asked LIVE on THURSDAY and re broadcasted on the other stations urban ent radio is on, make sure you subscribe to www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv and follow Candy on twitter @sweetaddictions too.

Alot of you sent in comments and questions about the last post with the video on committed relationships, everybody Candy (Sweet Addictions TV) is in ATL, so everybody on the word on the street are in Atlanta okay!!! So that's word on the street in ATL. wanna hit Candy up about it -->> send a note, tweet okay!!!

Jus ask yo question...shall get spiced up soon tho...#keepitlocked !!!!

until next time...keep urban keep it locked to urban ent radio....and follow ya girl on twitter @yagirl_sourban almost at 2,000 folk lets do it by the 1st, legggo

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Urban Ent Update: The New Tyler Perry Film, MJ Video Game, Word on the Street about relationships, and more

Check out the new tyler perry film the 1st film from his new company 34th street films or something like that, comes out in theaters, November 5th. When i say there is some African American Female star powerful  players in this movie....after watching the trailer i can't wait to see!!!!!

New Tyler Perry Film....for colored girls

Kelly rowland needs to just keep it urban i know she trying to do like her big sista bey...but its not being done rite #imjustsayin , if she stick to the urbaness she would be a-okay. not everybody can be superstar pop star diva like....no shade just keepin it 100.

here's the new song forever in a day

now grown woman that's my joint right there....urban and real...kelly i likes dis one!!!

Sweet Addictions TV word on the street: are there still committed relationships:
Candy was downtown Atlanta, Ga and go da word from the young the older and the in between on if committed relationships were still in should we keep hope alive or it's pretty much the norm to know ur significant other gonna cheat....

so i guess there is hope out there for those wanting to be in a committed relationships and its up to the woman to put their foot down and really be like i'm not having it with this cheating being acceptable.... so make sure you subscribe to www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv and follow ya girl on twitter @sweetaddictions .

Don't forget you can still send your questions in for "just ask yo question" on thursdays with candy from sweet addictions on urban ent radio show to "askyoquestion@gmail.com"

Micheal Jackson "The Experience" Video Game Trailer- on sale Nov 23

I have photos to post like keyshia cole and her baby boy, so cute, and 50 cent photo all photo shop making him look good, and others...but uh yeah cant really post them rite now

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Until next time you know what to do!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

URBAN UPDATE!!! Videos, VMAs, and more

Sammie's new video for Pretty Girl Anthem:

All I would say is they seem like they had a ball at this video shoot...all i got to say is Sammie is looking hella on his grown n sexy right now, im just sayin!

VMA's 2010 should have been called the Lady Gaga awards, she damn near took almost all the awards, i dont know if she knew she was going to win every catgory she was in, but why did she have to change each time she won an award, and really what the hell was that on her head, again im just sayin.... Best moments for me was twitter, usher and lil usher aka justin beiber performances they killed it! and to kanye west wth that's all i said throughout from that loud a$$ red suit to uh yea wth ye..and oh yea this year somebody should have interrupted taylor swift this year cuz dat ish was boring as hell....again i'm just sayin!

Shout out to the You Tuber's with all the VMA response videos what perspective...

Mattress Music from Marques Houston...

Rick Ross explains King Boss:

don't forget to check out the latest and what's so unforgettable about T. Plezya, at www.unforgettable-sex.blogspot.com and get Unforgettable Sex on Itunes and Request it on your local radio stations.

until next time, be good be bless and keep it tres urban!!!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

urban update: waiting to exhale sequal, williow's new jam, hip hop awards noms...and more

Getting to Happy.... avaliable now, the waiting to exhale sequal, here is a reading for a chapter terry mcmillian reads..she says it takes place in 2005

Terry McMillan reads from her newest novel "Getting to Happy" from Gary Bartholomew on Vimeo.

damn i was shocked when i hear that marvin died, and then robin baby had not made it to the world ....i think ima have to get this book!!!

willow gets in on the m.i.c. .....she killt it

and it is official Jay did sign her to roc nation label columbia records... 9 years old, but we all know why he signed her tho "marketability" and come to think about it thats all you got to have talent plus that gets u a big check ...dats urban music 101....

speaking of urban music 101 ...aj from universal is bringing on a co host on the urban music 101 segment....lets just say its a really big look...ya'll heard of laface records...the owner son official co host on the segment ...... do ur research.

submit tracks must be clean urbanmusic101@gmail.com MUST BE MP3 NO MYSPACE LINKS, NO SENDSPACE OR MEDIAFIRE LINKS, MP3S AND CLEAN....send tracks to urbanmusic101@gmail.com

make it hot!!!!! live every Thursday on urban ent radio show u stream Thursday and re broadcast on the other stations the show is aired on!

Back to the urban ent update -->>> whoopi is back ...sorry bout mama passin tho!

floyd apologizes

Yes Big Sista Candy is back answering your questions....just ask yo question ....LIVE EVERY THURSDAY and re broadcast on the other stations...do you have a question, anything life, relationship, please dont send it in if u dont want to know the truth..... askyoquestion@gmail.com

Now if it's too real for the radio, you need some real real advice....check out sweet addictions tv sweet solutions ....where u can submit there sweetsolutions1@gmail.com

sweet solutions on sweet addictions tv (www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv)

The BET HIP HOP AWARDS 2010 nominations...the awards are like the same artist nominated for each award.....I'm going to start with two categories Lyricist of the year and DJ of the year...all i got to say is wth how did they come up with the nominees and what does it take to call someone a lyricist these days???

Lyricist of the Year
Jay Z
Lil Wayne
Nicki Minaj

where the hell does nicki minaj fit there, i mean no ti, wth...yes if u listen to the show i kinda went lil ham on this situation...no way in hell u can put her any close to this cat gory forget what got her a deal, she's being judge on what she's coming with now...and none of that is lyricist of the year material, i'm just sayin

DJ of the year
Drama (he's a dj???? does he dj???)
Funkmaster Flex (okay)
DJ holiday
Khalad (he still djs, he's more like an artist these days, anyway)
Tony Neal (Core DJs)

Best Performers
Busta Rhymes
Drake (performer ???? )
Jay Z
Kanye West
Lil Wayne (aint he in jail)

where is Tip...as i continue get familiar with the names

Reese Perfect Collab
Nothing on You- BoB ft Bruno Mars
Hello Good Morning - Diddy Dirty Money ft Rick ross, Nicki Minaji
Forever- Drake ft Lil Wayne, Kanye, Eminem
Empire State of Mind - Jay Z ft Alicia Keys

Best Hip Hop Video
Nothing on You
Find your love
Run this town
Empire state of mind
on to the next

(really is the best hip hop videos of 2009-2010)

Rookie of the year
Chiddy Bang
J. Cole
Nicki Minaj
Roscoe Dash
Waka Flocka Flame (i'll pick him)

Hustler of the year
Jay Z
Nicki Minaj

Made U look Award
BoB (dress code)
Jay Z
Nicki Minaj (barbie look, more like deja vu but anyway)
Kanye West

Best club Banger
Hello Good Morning
All i do is win
lose my mind
o lets do it ***

Best Hip Hop Blogsite

Producer of the year
boi 1 da (Bun B, Belly, drake, Big boi)
drumma boy (baby, gucci, wayne)
Lex Luger (Ross and Waka)
Polow da don
Swiss Beatz

Video director of the year
Benny Boom
Chris Robinson
Gil Green
Hype Williams
Mr. Boomtown

MVP of the Year
Jay Z
Rick Ross

CD of the year
Jay Z

Track of the year
all i do is win
Empire State of Mind

Why is it that nicki minaj is the only female nominated for an award, see that's why are the female mcs are steppin up, because we need to be representing a lil bit more i'm just sayin....damn its a male dominated game...but if we sistas would stick together we can over take them i think...what do u think???





Wednesday, September 8, 2010

urban update....the urban youtube sweet n greet & young scraps text me video

I had to do a quick post about this one!!! As you may figured a sista did not again make it to the sweet n greet in atlanta, and after watching the video i kinda missed out on all the hilarious moments, from cuzin patches honey bun rap, miss jia putting africano boi on blast with his chick a fila cup on sunday lol.....man i hope they have one next year.

The Sweet n Greet hosted by Candy Sweet Addictions Tv and the big announcement:

I still told Candy that yes indeed i knew she was pregnant...but we be tres happy tho for her, she got ur baby boy!!!!! so for 5 months Candy been making moves pregnant and all can i say grinder of the year....make sure you follow Candy on the twitter; @sweetaddictions (no tv at the end it was too long for all that) ;

More from the Sweet n Greet via The Skoripon Show:

check out the skoripon show they are tres funny as well

Some of you may ask so what's going on with just ask yo question, will Candy will still be giving advice should i keep sending in questions and advice, sure why not, but i'm not sure not after this month, well see let me check with the big sista and see what it is???? 

jus ask yo question --->>> send letters to askyoquestion@gmail.com

On another note check out the official text me video from Young Scrap ft VIC, troop 41, jru gunz

Young Scrap  Official video text me

with that being said....make sure u follow me on twitter, and look out for the new mixtape coming this week!!!

urban music 101 is this week live review on the radio, make sure ur music is hot, and clean and be prepared from real feedback from AJ from universal marketing department. submit track to urbanmusic101@gmail.com .


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Urban Entertainment Radio Show Segments

If you weren't inform by now then now u should know we have two really good segments on the radio show, hosted by ya girl samore, urban music 101 with aj from universal music group/alander music group/ alander talent music management giving you real live points on what you should know about the entertainment music business and newly feedback 101, you never know what industry guest he will have on the line. Also, just like other radio shows, here is where you can send in your troubles, need for advice and the big sista Candy will respond and give you some real talk advice.....well jus ask yo question, your letters are totally confidential well unless you are like u can put them on blast in the letter, the segment is also live and re broadcast on the other stations the show is on.

URBAN MUSIC 101: AJ from Universal Music Group, and three of his own companies  

submit your song must be clean for review on the radio to urbanmusic101(at)gmail.com

do you have a question or topic you want some advice on related to the music industry, artist, songwriters, producers, etc email to urbanmusic101(at)gmail.com

Just Ask Yo Question with Candy from Sweet Addictions TV, www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv

Past Questions sent in and answered:

aug 26th http://www.supashare.net/e4c17ykwu7m9

aug 5th http://www.supashare.net/g6tko4nr08ys

jul 27th http://www.supashare.net/wtcxqo9rqrtq

jul 22th http://www.supashare.net/35gd7cqyjbbo

send in your questions to askyoquestion(at)gmail.com

Now for those who have more serious questions and need more tough love then others, or too 100 for radio ima need you to subscribe and check out Sweet Solutions on www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv

Check out Sweet Solutions here:

follow candy on twitter @sweetaddictions and aj on twitter @aj_umg_mrktng oh yea and ya girl - samore @yagirl_sourban

Urban Entertaiment Radio Show (August 20-10 Playlist)

Here is the playlist for the radio show, urban ent radio, hosted by "ya girl samore"

Urban Entertainment Radio Show is broadcasted on the following stations:

Fau Owl Radio (http://owlradio.fau.edu)
107.1 fm (miami) street connect radio
hot 107.9 (north carolina syndicated station)
iumm radio (iowa based www.iummmusic.com)
unheard radio (urban channel) www.unheardradio.com
98. 2 the beat www.982thebeat.com
All Noise Radio www.allnoiseradio.com
Mixshow on 93.7 the coast (north carolina)

August 2010 Playlist 
She Be Like - Git Fresh
She Be Like Remix - Git Fresh
Shawty what's up - dondria ft diamond & johnta austin
got your back - ti  ft keri hilson
all on you - qwote ft sean garrett
hold yuh remix- gyptian ft shonie
bittersweet - fantasia
on da hush - trina ft shonie
always - trina ft monica
follow me - Supa
Bow - T. Plezya
Tatted - Vistosos Bosses
I Sang- Swazy Baby
Boss Swag - Rasheeda
When you hood you good- Billy Blue
Nothing on you- BoB
Gamez- Bei Maejor ft Keri Hilson
Pissed - Slim
Bedroom Body - Direk ft Toya
Holding Down- Jazmine Sullivan
Ride- Ciara
Juke It- Drew Sidora
Cookie Cutter- Pretty Ricky
Lights Camera Action- Shonie
Unthinkable Remix- Alicia Keys ft Drake
Statistics- Lyfe Jennings
Forever my girl- Jagged Edge
Man of the House- Fantasia
We already won
Lady Luck- L.I.R.X
Horseplay - D Smoove
Get out my way- YD
Dont stop get it get it- Uzi
Ice Cream Man- Nicki Minaj
Makin Love- Dondria
Call Me A Nerd- Soda boy
So much it- Swazy Baby
Text Me- Young Scrap ft VIC , Troop 21, Jru Gunz
Love all over me- Monica
Grown woman - Kelly Rowland
Unforgettable Sex- T. Plezya
Celebration - Ray J ft Ludacris
Pop My Hood- Candy
Boom Shaka laka - Brianna ft Flo Rida
Rockin with the best- Jigg
Make a move- Candy
Talking this Talking that- White Rob
Who is you- Black Dove
Private Dancer- Diallo

there were a lot more but heavy rotation where those tracks above, if you want your track/project in heavy rotation on the radio show playlist email urbanentradio(at)gmail(dot)com . for more info!



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Urban Ent Update _ Rah Digga iz back, New Record from Rasheeda, Brutha Sings, and more

The Update on the Urban Entertainmentness....yes a sista has been hella busy promoting the release of Urban Entertainment Music Management Projects, DJ Samore Mixtape, and the radio show....but i'm back...and we hopefully after the weekend will have a true intern to come on board to help out!!! Yayyee Yayyee !!!!

talk about my mic sound nice -->>> rah digga is back

Then your girl Rasheeda his bringing Boss Bitch Music Vol. 2 here's the single:

Look out for boss chick 2010 reloaded hosted by Rasheeda with ya girl n dj beanz!!!

brutha singing...boy i tell ya it's nothing like them singing to you live, i remember that year at spring bling 2008 i believe or was it 09, but yeah

I don't know if it is just me but don't it seem like they singing straight to you...

Damn Papa is looking so sexy....let me run into him again..him i mean them, lloyd, and you already know Omarion.... yes it's going down

NOW ON WHAT EVERYBODY BEEN ON...THE OFFICIAL NUMBER 1 CELEBRITY RIDE AND DIE COUPLE..THEY RIDE TOGETHER DIE TOGETHER GET HIGH TOGETHER...I mean it's real talk though...and it wasnt marjuani what folks thought it was, it got changed to a controlled substance to "X" ecstasy ....his p.o.. is reviewing the situation to see how it's going to reflect his federal gun charges situation...when i heard it i was like damn TI damn TI, the new album is coming out and you gotta be gettin high and caught at that...then come to find out he was on that X....why why why that's all i gotta say!!!!

Photos from the arrest:

Matthew Knowles is still Beyonce's exclusive manager.... according to Beyonce responding to the rumors that her husband is now managing her..when i heard that i was like wth, but glad Matt still is the manager, because personal and business is two different things. What he's going through with her mother is totally different from the business side of the Beyonce's name brand that he's manage thru the years...

J - Lo gonna be officially on AI, IDK, but i know Snoop is like if they cut a big enough check he'll do the job too. And Monique giving us our 2000 version of the Arsenio Hall show...and Jamie Fox is bout to bring us the 2000 version of Living Single with "the foxhole project" .....

New albums on the way:
Lauryn Hill (indeed finally working on a follow up to miseducation, what the games been missin)

Kelly Price (and i was just listening to "As we Lay" the other day, don't ask y i was having a moment

Janet say she coming with another album....making preparations to drop it tres soon

Albums you got to get now:
Fantasia Back to Me (available now)
Versus the Usher EP is pretty good cop that one

Urban Movies on DVD

Why did I get married Too....i would say this is the best one i would have to say! TP definitely getting it in...He has that new movie that's long as hell For Colored Girls who committed Suicide or something like that coming out later this year and Madea's Big Happy Family to film next year....

until next time be good be bless and keep it tres urban, ya digg!!!!

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