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Thursday, July 28, 2011


One Chance - Cowabunya

Ace Hood ft Chris Brown: Body 2 Body (Official Video)

Your boy Ace got the ladies throwing panties at him with this one, Blood Sweat and Tears in stores August 9th!!!! And Chris Brown killed it on here looking hella sexy ratchet with it, i'm just sayin

New Ishhh from Rasheeda the Official Queen of the Boss Bitch Movement:
Rasheeda - Boss Bitch Back

Miguel - Quickie (official video)

I'm not saying anything but the song is growing on me, but as far as the video, How come there is more time with girls on girls then miguel on the girls? Again, I not saying anything but I mean I'm just sayin, tho...

See this is the B.S. that gets me hella angry!!!!!!!! and why i say Fox News are some racist son of a mudda suckas...(clean version) there might be kids reading this...but I'm just sayin; check it out:

Check out Sean Kingston first time performing the song Let Go with Nicki Minaj since his fatal accident in Miami Memorial Day Weekend:

Seem like Mariah was either on some type of medication that had her high as hell...she seem very awkard or diva like when she was selling her stuff on HSN:

but then again she is MARIAH CAREY CANNON RIGHT....

Ya'll see Da Brat get all Shawntae Harris on us for Vibe Magazine

Speaking of Vibe Magazine, check out Kelly on the Cover of Vibe

Here I Am- In stores now cop that one!

Another Breakfat club interview with Big Sean....now you may ask why am i posting this interview, just letting you know that the breakfast club is the reverse vision of the ue show...and yesss the official casting is going down in August for the OFFICIAL CREW MEMEBERS OF THE SHOW!

Now check out Big Sean with the Breakfast Club Here:



Tune in to the ue show....and if you seriously want to become part of the show audition for the official cast of THE UE RADIO SHOW...EMAIL theueshow@gmail.com , a 30 to 60 sec talking about an urban story headline in your opinion.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Urban Update: Urban Ent DJ Samore Da Urban Playlist Vol. 7 Exclusive

VOL. 7




Mike Bless Official Music Video to "Gone" FINALLY!!!

Lil Urban Ent News.... everybody know and congrats to Lauryn Hill and her new baby boy...but is it the same father of the other kids??? I mean personally I don't care, but long as we know baby boy is healthy and good. When Hill was having the baby, the baby boy was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck...but baby and L.boogie are good!

1 more urban ent bit...Keyshia Cole and her hubby are planning for wedding #2, and will be part of their new reality show..."countdown to wedding"...can't wait til K.C. and the new fam join us to our lives...and one still is trying to get K.C. on the show.

tune in to urban ent radio show...for the countdown of the top 20 headlines in urban culture life entertainment.....

Check out the DVD preview from our friend "da chuuuch" Money Q Green DVD:

wanna get the full dvd hit him up on Facebook "Moneyqgreen" or business line 561 305 7372, special promo code "urban ent radio" for discount

check out Money Q GReen kickin it with Too Short talkin bout the pimp game:

got a question for "da chuuuch" playa tip 101 email theueshow@gmail.com

weekly hits from dj deuce ....man he is killin it right now man weekly
(click on cover to download)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Urban Update: T.Pain Effect, Hood Planking, Lil Mama on the Breakfast Club, and More

So T.Pain say it's all about the T-Pain Effect:

Pain did it right this time, put his name on it this time, everybody about to be on the T.Pain Effect.

Robin Thicke and Pharell working with Pharell...

Robin Thicke is soooo got some black in him real talk lol, shout out to him, i wonder do he know that his wife Paula Patton is on your boy's Kev top 5 ladies pick....

Lil Mama with the breakfast Club......

shout out to lil mama holding it down, but on to the breakfast club radio show, thats where we gon be with the urban ent radio show, except we gon have the 2 girls n 1 guy representing for the ladies...that is something that you don't see... everybody gon' love urban ent radio show, but lil mama still still held it down.

who is bow wow baby mama??? we really don't care but for those who does...this is bow's ex chick and mother of his baby girl "shai"

In case you haven't seen T.Pain & Chris Brown "Best Love Song" Official Video

they was getting the rockstar on like for realz tho....

Even to Marc Anthony and J-Lo getting a divorce..they still will be business partners

Oh yeah for my Plankers.....check out "Hood Plankin" only on Urban Ent/Urban Ent Radio...we got to keep it Urban babbbbbbyyy...

Stay Tuned...DA Urban PLaylist vol. 7 and ladies edition dropping this weekend!

urban update: Catching up on This One....

Okay im late on this one...but of course musictoblow.com was on it first...Brisco official video to "Promises" of the 21 Jumpstreet Mixtape...

i love how he on his grown man right now....shout out for brisco and the grown man ness...i love how men they be keep 200, 2000 for the streets but know how to clean it up and flip it up for the ladies!!!!

And here is my boyz....Jake & Papa new viral video letting you know it's still theirs lol

I'm telling ya Papa is looking tres sexy him know he could get it...i'm just sayin, Jake looking quite nice himself too...I told cha'll (ya girl samore) I love that Cali Swag...it's something bout that cali-boy swag...

Shout out to them hosting "Da Urban Playlist Vol. 5" haven't checked it out CLICK HERE to listen/download.

Sweet Solutions....episode from Sweet Addiction Tv with our big sister Candy...

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oh yeah in case you didn't know Ace Hood gon make you remember...August 9th Blood Sweat n Tears:

he getting body 2 body right now...on his sexyness with breezy on the hood for the ladies

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Urban Update: OPRAH THE ANTI CHRIST...Carter 4 Tracklisting...

How can you say Oprah is the anti-christ...this man have seriously lost ya damn mind...u can not talk like dat bout Oprah

The "Suppose to be" Lil Wayne Mixtape Tracklisting....not confirmed by label yet..but this is what Carter 4 is suppose to look like:

01 It's Weezy's… (Intro)
02 6 Foot 7 Foot f. Cory Gunz
03 Triple Exclusive
04 Nightmares Of The Bottom | Preview
05 My Wife Hate My Life f. Cee-Lo Green
06 How To Love
07 Block My Black Heart
08 Bad Stripin' (Girl's Bad)
09 Pray To Big Mason f. Drake & Nicki Minaj
10 Life Is A Goal
11 Fast Track f. Tech N9ne & Busta Rhymes
12 Destny Is Over, You Got Real
13 Retire My Royal
14 I'm Ready For You f. John Legend
15 You & Me
16 My Ghost On It
17 Sometimes I Think About Her (Move) f. will.i.am
18 Wayne's World
19 Big Power (Outro) f. Nas, Shyne & Jadakiss

Deluxe Edition
01 Flowers f. Lil Twist)
02 John (If I Die Today) f. Rick Ross

reports... http://hiphopwired.com

Here is the 48 year old who chop her man's penis off with a 14 inch knife, they were married 1 1/2 years and getting divorced as of end of May..Her man was 50 something years old....
She just lorena bobbit his u know what

urban update: Candy is Crankin' it back up, Players Ball 2011, A NEW Dance and MOre

Man can't wait til August, our big sista Candy is coming to the m.i.a. for her birthday weekend...said da m.i.a. sweeties is linkin up at wet willies...all i know she better be careful what drink ha get cuz u know Candy say she's not a drinker.....dem damn slushes will have ya leanin just a lil bit...

Sweet Addictions Tv shirts...crankin it up sista

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Rule: Do not be touching on people babies...especially black folk babies #imjustsayin

Players' Ball in Chi-town with Money Q Green (Florida Regional Director for the Famous Players)

Keep up with Money Q Green on facebook by clickin on "Moneyq Green" , stay tuned to the Playa Tip 101 from the chuuuch on da line, "urban ent radio show"


make sure you are on http://musictoblow.com daily no matter what other people say, musictoblow.com is surly on it first....i put that on everything. If it's not posted its def prob a twitter exclusive, follow them on twitter @musictoblow.

Lastly, what do ya'll think about this new dance..."The Kickin" - from our old "friends" T. Plezya, B Ware, and Swagger Splash....

Cupid has proved it, come up with a poppin dance, sweep the country first, end up on tv, and din it would blow the hell up..."KIckin" what do ya'll think? will ya'll be doing this at the next family reunion, is it taking over or what...email theueshow@gmail.com

At the end of the day...is all about gimmick, it's an easy dance tho, i can digg it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


The official video from Ms Kendra - I gave you my all

Urban Triva # 1: What movie scene kinda inspired a part in this video...shower, naked, baby oil....if you know what movie that came from email theueshow@gmail.com

Beyonce - The Best I Never Had (official video)

first it's like everytime we see bey she gets lighter and lighter, and 2nd uh Kelly is just pimpin the game..Bey has her fans she's doing her thing, but i still gotta say Kelly Ro - is str8 jacking the game right now!

Check out My Sis, Alicia Keys, Hubby Swizzy, and Baby Egypt....got caught in public...
baby egypt cute lil baby boy...dats my lil nephew right there.....so cute, i know i'm grinding right now but i can't lie, My inner self is making me feel like i want a family too...but this hustle ain't easy..i first needs to get with a ride or die dude..think he's right in front of me, but i don't know...TMI ....moving along


Urban Triva #2: What is the name of the movie, that obviously inspired Jeezy's "Ballin" video below:

email your answers to theueshow@gmail.com

Get either both or any of the  urban triva questions right, you will still get hooked up with an urban swag back.....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

urban update: Top 11 Urban Moments...Weekly Hitz ... The New U.E. Show...and What's happenin'

The 11th Annual Bet Awards brung the urban top list out of retired me, and since it's the 11th annual wards...here is the top 11 moment of the bet awards 2011...urban ent radio/ya girl samore edition (in case you missed it on the show)

11- Straight Outta Rehab - Alexander O Neal & Charelle perform the ol' school Saturday Love

10- The Dress Code - Was this the ratchett awards; everyone showing their underwear

9- Rick Ross flashing everybody

8- 5 Heartbeats Reunion on stage

7- Kevin Heart- you are not a host, we barely seeing him doing his job

6- Trey to Trigga in 3 secs (just be a rapper Trey)

5- The Open this year (from last year Kanye on a rock to this year MJB 411 background, MJB, Anita Baker, and Khaled

4- A.K. standing on top of the piano & Cee lo in the patti ensemble cussing out the audience

3- The Real Husbands of Hollywood

2- The messyness of the Viewer's choice award (Chris Brown did win)

1- Kelly Rowland motivation performance - she was str8 pimpin them dudes on stage even tho it was hella janet inspired tho

The New U.E. Show...welcomes Kevon pronouced Kevin, right now he is not on no social networking sites...

The New U.E. Show will consist of a weekly countdown of the top urban joints, and new joints, with what's happening in urban entertainment tv, film, music entertainment...

Yes ya girl has been slippin..but your by DJ Deuce has not been check out the latest..
Weekly Hits Vol. 11
(click on cover to download)

Be sure to check out daily new exclusive music at www.musictoblow.com , musictoblow.com is getting a new look really soon. STAY TUNED!

Slip n Slide DJ Independence Day Mixtape
(click on cover and download)

Qwote has a new jam with Rick Ross, but remember the throw yo hands up with pit..check out the teaser video here:

oh yeah and lastly that hooka of a whore....Casey Anthony got off like a big dawg, killed that lil girl, her lil girl, and got off, yet there was no evidence..but 3 months you lie about you don't know where your daughter was...the hell at least even if you lie thats neglect she get's nothing....when i seen the verdict, i'm like this is oj simpson trial again, but u see what happen to OJ he got off the first time and for stealing his own stuff he gets 33 years...so she'll mess up again. but i can't believe that hooka is getting off like that.

okay i'm done...stand by for "da urban playlist vol. 7" and "da ladies edition hosted by Shanell"