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Monday, August 29, 2011

Urban Update: Lil Wayne How to Love, MJ Happy Birthday, Weekly Hitz, and More

Lil Wayne - how to love (official video)

this is like the best video lil wayne has every put out!!!! and to me it's his best song on the carter 4 tune in the tthe urban ent radio show to win it live

but uhhhhh side note at the vma's the only thing i can conclude from his behavior is because he was sober that is it! But them tight ass pants i just don't know....stay tuned for my urban review of the vma's this week on the urban ent radio show, where Qwote, will be back in the bldg!

1 Hot ft Muzik Jones Drew - this life (official video)

Track off of collab mixtape with 1 Hot and Muzik Jonez Drew

Beyonce 1 + 1 Official Video:

I guess for her and Jay Z 1 + 1 = a baby now!!!! congrats on bey finally starting to give Jay some babies..she in there for life now!!!

Weekly Hits vol. 19 hosted by DJ Deuce
(click on cover to download)

check out daily hits on http://musictoblow.com

In Urban News:

Chris Brown owes like $15,000 in parking tickets...well not really, his neighors are trippin because the parking spaces he reserved for himself are handicap parking, and they are trying to mess with him, but other than that....he's doing good with the law due back in court in October

You see Bey sporting her baby bump....

and the movie "A Star is Born" is suppose to start production February 2012, but with the announcement of Bey being pregnant because she is in the movie, production wud be pushed back, and the studio say it would give them more time to secure a male co star role for beyonce's role......

Happy Birthday to the KING MIcheal Jackson "August 29th"

Mike was def a special dude!!!! There will be artist/stars that are born and elevate to almost his level...but he is def miss, All i'm going to say is that MIke was a playa, yea true the drugs got to him in his later life but mike was a lil playa....RIP KING of Popular Music!

we just paid tribute to Aaliyah 10 years our R&B Princess left us, on Sept 13th we must pay tribute to the 15 years we lost ONE of the GREATEST RAPPERS LYRICIST ARTIST EVA TO DO IT 2PAC!

SO YOU KNOW WE GOING IN ON DA URBAN ENT RADIO SHOW WITH THAT ONE, Speaking of tributes the KANG RETURNS TO HIS THRONE WEDNESDAY, TIP will be released from prison!!!! Look out for sooner than later coming soon TI new album!

Friday, August 26, 2011

RIP to Aaliyah It's been 10 years!!!! and RIP to Ashford from Ashford N Simpson..and More

Aaliyah we still miss you sista!!!

what was your favorite aaliyah song??? let me know at theueshow(at)gmail(dot)com
one thing that i notice is that aaliyah

Ashford from Asford and Simpson, died at 70 from throat cancer
Check out Asford & Simpson in there big hit "solid as a rock"

Lauryn Hill speaks on the classic album ever in hop hop " the miseducation...":

so puffy got his white rapper mgk....and he really is a bad boy check out the distruba that happen in the mall

Another remix from DJ Deuce "Niggas in Paris" - it's all good til trey songz i mean trigga trey like who told this mane he could rap??? I'm need his no mane to tell him trey u aint trigga...i would prefer his wanna be r.kelly sounding self then this rapping im just sayin...because rapping i just cant take him serious....but the mix is nice tho...da homie dj deuce is getting it innnn

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Urban Update: Braxton Season 2, One Chance Sex, & More Also: LOOKIN GO DA MALE SIDEKICK IN DA CUT!!!.....Still Keeps it Urban!

Season 2 preview of the braxton family values season 2

Debut's Nov 10th at 9pm on wetv

Newest member of YMCMB, Torion...check out when he auditioned for Mack Maine; the president of YMCMB.

NEW OFFICIAL VIDEO OF One Chance's "Sexin on You":

damnnn they looking hella sexy in this video, somebody could get it!! #imjustsayin

Check out new remix one from Splurge Gang with Future, Drake, Rick Ross on "Tony Montana" Remix:

Moe Fundz with LEGGGGGOOOOO....what do you think? Leggggggo right? It's catchy!

Don't forget my fellas out there if you got swagger but keep it urban with swagga then i want you!!!! I'm still looking for the male sidekick in da cut!!!!! so please enter, refer to the post below for more info!!!!

Video post coming soon!!!!!!!  this will be a televised contest!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Urban Update: Idris Elba, Anne Hathaway channels Lil wayne, and More.....

Idris Elba.....sit down talkin about how he feels about being looked as a sexy chocalate broham...."
sex symbol":

anne hathaway says she be tryna get her lil wayne on check it out here:

have ya'll seen tia & tamera show on the style network.....tia was pregnant and the tamera was pregnant...

game apologizes about the twitter ishhh....

Check out Halle and lil Nahla at the beach getting their mommy and daughter time in:

dont forget the male side kick in the cut contest is going on!!!!!!!!!! check out the post below for more info!!!!! official viral video release next week.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

urban update: Kelly Ro with her own Show, The U.E. Male Sidekick Contest, and More

Kelly Rowland getting her own show...well starting in a new sitcom, while that's getting finalize check her out in the upcoming Steve Harvey's Act Like a Man movie coming out soon...

Sweet Addictions tv with Candy : Sweet Solutions

tune in to urban ent radio when Candy answer ya'll questions, justask2011@Gmail.com send them got a question need some advice just ask.....

Rantz Davis new official video "Hush"

Exclusive 101 with Brisco (Poe Boy/YMCMB) on www.musictoblow.com

Check out my boos Jake & Papa with their ode to Poetic Justice....

dat boy Papa know darn well he can get it all day........I's just sayin! LOL, I love my Cali Swagged out Fellas

Check out my bro Qwote with his Throw your hands up video feat Pitbull:

tune in to the urban ent radio show, August 25 with Qwote as the special co host male sidekick in the cut for the show....any questions for qwote he will be live in the building, so send your questions to "theueshow@gmail.com"


If you think you can represent for the fellas on the urban ent radio show, with your girl dj samore and new female sidekick in the cut....then apply now!

1st Round:

Send a 30 to 60 sec MP3 audio clip, or upload to youtube and send the link to "theueshow@gmail.com" of you "keepin it urban" telling me why you would be the perfect sidekick in the cut!

1st Round ends Sept 30, 2011 at 11:59pm.

All fellas are qualified, preferably in the south florida area (palm beach, broward, miami) but if you are not in the south florida, it is okay you are not eliminated you could still be the male sidekick in the cut, because the show is hopefully moving in 2012 to atlanta,ga. So all apply!

So fellas i wanna hear what you got!!!! The UE Show taking over baby!!!!!!!! I dont want to leave my fellas out

send mp3 audio or video link to "theueshow@gmail.com"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

urban update: Steve Harvey puts Tavis and Cornell on Blast, Mary J Blige's The Living Proof,

steve harvey puts cornell and tavis on blast from listener letter on the Steve Harvey Morning show , missed it check out the audio below:

The official video of Mary J Blige 's The Living Proof (Theme song for the movie The Help)

Ace Hood Blood Sweet and Tears is finally in stores!!!! Here is "King of the Streets" (official video)

Ace can def say he is he king of the streets with the hustlas anthems in the streets with Hustle Hard & Go and GEt it....Blood Sweat and Tears in stores now.

This is the 5th dude?? that is accusing the bishop Eddie Long of sexual rape incident... or something like that because he's a rapper, and the bishop was a key investor of helping him get his album put together

Listen to the audio from the interview here with blogger William McCray (Obnoxious), courtesy of RMG radio. :
Centino & Obnoxious 08-09-11 by EURnews

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Urban Update: Big Boi with Viagra, Katt Williams Kicked out own show, LLoyd, and More!!!!

Oh yeah i did see my boo..and he was feeling the vibe...but you know we didn't have much time, but next time oh yeah it's on and crack! Check out Vevo Ask and Reply with Lloyd:

Get a little Ratchett....G.M.A.S.H. ...get money and stop hating are MAJOR!!! (Official Video)

loui V say the haters hate cuz they Broke! (Official Video)

Kirko Bangz...i think i should have listen to my brothers, Deuce and P from H Town, was on it first www.musictoblow.com, check out the official video to what's your name remix

Damn Kirko Bangz can get like for realz, speaking of get it, from Rasheeda Boss Bitch Music vol. 3 she Boss Chick Remixed that thang

so Candy is getting the t-shirt line poppin....and doing a t-shirt design contest, so check out with some sweeties have come up with...

i believe the winner get's a shout out and a free shirt...so if you got a better idea or want to enter, email your t-shirt design at sweetaddictionstv@gmail.com ; subscribe to Sweet Addictions Tv and don't forget to tell a friend to tell a friend to do the same!

diggy - copy paste (official video)

Urban Ent News Update:

Big Boi was getting it innn this weekend in Miami, got caught with cstasy pills, MDMA powder and Viagra the cops arrested him Sunday according to the Miami Dade website.....damn Big Boi you was getting it in like that....he must either had or was bout to continue to have a hella of a weekend, matter of fact, isn't he married???

Then Katt Williams was suppose to be performing at some spot in Cali, and he got so belligerent with the crowd the comedy club had to call the police for him to leave, and then he had a show later that night and the show was cancelled...

Damn what's up with these celebrities...I'm just sayin!!!!

coming this week Da Urban Playlist Ladies Edition Hosted by Young Money's R&B Princess Shanell!

DA Urban Playlist Vol. 7 DOWNLOAD HERE

want to get a spot on da urban playlist vol. 8...email urbanentradio@gmail.com!!! this week!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


the ultimate merger... okay i need to know how can i get on dis show, damn toccarra got some nice looking dudes tryna get wit her, she got 14 sexy men

check out the tralier comes on thursdays, premieres aug 4th at 9pm on tv One

well before she got a chance to Amy Winehouse was going to adopt a this lil 10 year old black girl:

Britain’s The Sunday Mirror reported that Dannika Augustine and her grandmother confirmed that the singer was about to begin the adoption process and the child’s parents signed off on the papers to move things along. A rep from the Winehouse camp denied the stories, saying everything is false. The say, “I think [Amy] might have met her in St. Lucia, but she was in no way about to adopt her.”

The publication portrayed the young girl as a hearted broken fan and friend mourning the loss of her mother.

“Amy was already my mother,” Augustine revealed. “I would call her mum and she would call me her daughter. She took care of me and we had fun together. I loved her and she loved me. She was the most amazing person and I was looking forward to living with her here or in London. I cannot believe she is gone. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.

Why couldn't this be true? I'm just sayin....

You see my sister Alicia Keys getting her directing on...

check out executive producer and “Friends” creator Marta Kauffman talk about Alicia's directorial debut...will premiere on Lifetime Tv Network.

Lastly check out Diggy Simmions stop by on the breakfast club, talked about new single copy paste, and say the new album comes out later this year...you can check him out on the closer to your dreams tour...

At the end of the Diggy Simmions is hella cool lil dude, he is a lil playa:

stay tuned...the official casting of the new sidekicks has begun, stay tuned for the official annoucment.

follow ya girl on twitter @yagirl_sourban

Urban Update: Music Videos, New Mike Bless, and More....

Hamilton Park - Thing Called Us

all im sayin, is a dude crying, begging in the rain how can you not take him back or at least forgive him and not be mad? I think it's time for us to have another r&b group like Jodeci....

but talk about the future baby daddy dere are some cuties in this group...My eyes are closely watching these boys..don't be suprise they be on the ue show..

Speaking of the future baby daddy list...check out Jake & Papa..new video from off there latest mixtape..CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

New Mike Bless....new Rhythem and Gangsta from my brother "Slow"

New Mixtape coming later this year "Fuck 2 This"

You know the big sista Candy from Sweet Addictions TV on youtube....when she goes out, she experience the most craziest thing, but one thing you can agree if you are a Wal Mart shopper, don't matter where you live, there is always something crazy going down at Wal Mart...

Check out what Candy experience.. man walking up and down the aisle saying he dont want to be found in this mf(er)...check it out

check out more videos and subscribe on youtube at http://youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv