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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Urban Update: Mindless Behavior the new B2K of this decade.....

In 2000, we had this group called B2K, the boys of the new millieium then 10 years later a new boy group breaks out on the scene with a behavior that's mindless; Mindless Behavior, let's just hope that they last longer than 3 years....

Brand New Video from MB, Girls Talkin' Bout

Yes, they will be back on the urban experience, and now they would have experience being on radio and i will be ready for them the next time on the show than the last time they was on the radio show program. In case you missed the interview LISTEN HERE it was wayyyyy before they blew up to where they are now selling out tours and arenas and such

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Urban Update: Keri Really Means Only Grown A$$ Me AUDIO and More Urban News

I don't blame Keri Hilson, she told you no boys allowed, only grown ass men, and that goes for the rappers and ball players that try to get at her, Check out her speaking on why she will never get with none of the above here:

Keri Hilson on why she won't date famous guys by CherieNic

Have you seen the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Damnnnn Kimbella got her head tore the hell up. You thought Chrissy slapped the hell out of her, this new chick got with her. Watch it Now:

In other urban news, Tiger Woods Mistress is suppose to be pregnant, don't worry it's not Tiger's it's her husband. She is 5 months pregnant.

I have heard Beyonce has gone into labor with lil Beyonce...Congratulations if it's true, but the baby wasn't suppose to be here until February. I hope everything turns out well.

They found out that Heavy D indeed died of "natural causes". The people that finds out the cause of death of people, says that Heavy D had Pulmonary Embolism. Pulmonary Embolism is a blockage of one or more arteries in the lungs often caused by blood clots which travel in from other parts of he body. Heavy D's issue was that the clot was formed in his legs. Deep leg vein thrombosis is has been associated with long plane flights, where a clot can form due to prolonged immobility. And with him being just getting off a long ass flight from Europe after performing at the Micheal Jackson tribute concert; resulted in his death Nov 9, 2011 at the age of 44 years old.

Monday, December 26, 2011

URBAN UPDATE: Ace Hood's Speakers, Brianna's Face Off, Connect After Dark The Album, and More

Poe Boy Music Group's Brianna Face Off [Official Mixtape]

Brianna speaks on the release of the mixtape "Face Off" with ya girl Dj Samore

Street Connect DJs - Connect Music Group presents

DJ Dirtdawg
The Connect After Dark: The Album



Produced by The Urban Ent  producer homies "The Renegades";  Ace Hood Speakers Official Video

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Urban Update: The President Christmas Shoppin' and Oh yeah Season Greetings Happy Merry Christmas

Check out the President getting his Christmas Shopping with the family dog "Bo Diddly"

Congrats to our X Factor USA Winner..Melanie Amara; Even though Simon brung her back, she was the best there and I don't care what you say, long as she was there she was going to win!

I don't get emotional too much but when they said she was won, even I was happy and excited when she triumph with her family.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season Greetings to All the Urban Supporters, from your girl samore/Urban Ent/The Urban Experience formerly known as The Urban Ent Radio Show.

Here is a tune for the holiday from Micheal Sterling "Holiday"

Mindless Behavior All I want for Christmas is my Girl

Lloyd- She's all I want for Christmas

Damn Lloyd know he looking hella cute with his new hair style, pretty eyes, sexy as smile damn. If he was all I got for Christmas then I would been just fine with that!

Thursday, December 22, 2011



Sidenote: I guess Sheree was like well if kim put out a single, so can I? Check out her single "Who gon Check Me Boo"
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

I bet I definitely have to get her on the show next year,  who gon' check her, the song sounds like a dis to NeNe talk about her "spending trump change" because you know NeNe is "Rich" right.  One question I would ask her is; How is She by Sheree doing.....


Why do us black folks must be so dumb as hell? I just want to really know. Why does this guy....

Tell me why this idiot ass negro will put a picture of his child duct taped on facebook, and say this is what happens when she hits me back. Really? Doesn't his dumb ass know with the major-ness of Facebook, everybody is on there an watching it...I don't know if it was a joke but he was dumb as hell. 
Here is the picture:

Andre Curry being 21 years old, of the 1 year old little girl, living in Chicago was charged with aggravated domestic battery, according to a police News Affairs release obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times. He was just dumb as hell, because he probably did it as a joke on facebook, but when it went viral it got out of control.

Here is another dumb ass situation, on us black people. Slim Dunkin cute self, I mean he did have a cute face. So we know he got shot last weekend or something right. Come to find out it was over a piece of candy that led to the fight and led to shots fired, and him dying....Check out the story report from Atlanta News...Really come on Black People we need to really do better:

Since Christmas is this weekend...here's a treat for you new video from Mariah and John Legend, and you see lil Moroccan and Monroe get their lil cute cameos....

Mariah Carey and John Legends "At Christmas Time" [Official Video]

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

URBAN UPDATE: Lloyd is the One, NEW VIDEO POST!!!! Mary J, Willow Smith, and More

Lloyd ft Trey Songz & Jeezy - Be The one [Official Video]

Mary J Blige - Mr. Wrong [Official video]

Willow Smith feat Nicki Minaj Fireball [Official video]

Eric Biddiness Southern Folk [Official Video]

Boo Thang Remix - Verse Simmonds ft 2 Chainz & Yo Gotti

Sunday, December 18, 2011


URBAN TOP 10: [10] Urban Ent News Moments in 2011 

1- They thought they found a black man to run against Barack Obama in 2012 presidental campaign election. WRONG

2- Eddie Long molesting teen boys and leaves the church for a minute in 2011

3- The search for the official sidekicks in the cut on the urban ent radio show, kmitch305 and miss miss

4- Braxton Family Values, we got to meet the Braxton clan, and Tamar has finally became a star with her dot coms and orgs

5- Jay Z and kanye west dropped/released "Watch the Throne" one of the classic albums of 2011

6- TI; he got out of jail, went back in, got out, went back in, and got out, all in the course of 1 year! And has a tv show on now Monday Nights on VH1, and look out for his book and new album in 2012.

7- Remember when they thought Facebook was going to shut down, and then was going to start charging membership to be on it?

8- Drake's Take Care Album, he express his feelings for the love of his life Nicki Minaj on the low

9- Planking (How can we forget this nonsense game)

10- Chris Brown Comeback from slapping up on that hooka Rihanna, damn did I just call her a hooka...yelp, sure did!

KMitch 305: @kmitch305 top 5 why's in 2011

1- why on earth was there a 200lb kid in 2nd grade (8 years old)

2- Why was it a trend for males to dye their hair blond

3- Why did a cop shoot his partner then went to go get pizza

4- Why did the nba & nfl have a lock out

5- Why did politicians send pics of themselves in dms on twitter

Stay tuned for the final wrap up show and preview for 2012, this coming week! And the official new name for the radio show program....hint it's going to be an experience.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Urban Update: New Tyler Perry Movie Trailer, Candy Message to Trina Braxton, and More

Qwote - Say My Name [Official Video]

You could say how come the girl has to be asian or something, if or were there any African American sistahs on hand for the casting. You could say this. But my thing is really, he going to do all this making him say his name, all this love making, with his shades on??? Really...that must be some talent right there, I mean I'm Just Sayin'....If you think about it when does Qwote every take his shades off, next time he's on the show I got to find out what are at least 5 things that would make him take his shades off...again I'm Just Sayin'.

New Tyler Perry Movie Good Deeds due in theaters February 24, 2012, staring Gabrielle Union, Phylicia Rashad, Brian White, Thandie Newton and Tyler who stars as Wesley Deeds III.

Candy from Sweet Addictions Tv on youtube, had some words this week for Trina Braxton on her behavior towards her husband. At first I was like it was the liquor, but then after I seen it again, and then listen to what Candy was saying; Trina was wrong she shouldn't been all up on the dude in front of her husband at the party, that was disrespectful. If she so called forgave him, forgive him and let's move on. Then she gets mad when he puts a GPS on her phone. So is she trickin' now too? Bottom line she was dead wrong at the party....at first you could think it was the alcohol, but watching it again Trina wasn't that tore up.

Check out Candy's words for Trina Braxton here:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Urban Update: Toni talking about her Snow Dippin Experience, Mama I wanna Sing finally on Dvd, And More

Toni Braxton on Chelsea Lately....its hella funny! She was there to talk about the show Braxton Family Values; but they end up talking about Toni dippin' in the snow right now, dating her ex husband, and how she not really that confrontable with her inner slut right now, and Chelsea says she can help her out with that...[Watch Here]

Check out this clip from Braxton Family Values New Episode that airs Tonite on WeTv at 9pm est, 8pm central.

Finally, the movie that was in the works for years, finally makes it to DVD in 2012; staring Ciara in Mama I just wanna sing, an all star cast though from Lynn Whitfield, Patti LaBelle, Hill Harper, Ben Vereen, and some other fine male fine familiar  faces too...[Watch the Trailer Here]

Also to come in 2012 is Rock of Ages....and Mary J Blige will be our token black person in it...I'm Just Sayin'

Micheal Jackson's daughter Paris talks with Ellen about wearing a mask when she was a kid, how it made her feel and when she knew she wanted to do what her dad did.
Just looking at the photo doesn't she favor Ellen just a little bit? I mean I'm Just Sayin'. 

So SWV is making a comeback...expect the new album dropping 2012; their new single is Co-Sign; which is their first release since 1997. Check out a recent performance from them at a show in Toronto.

From the looks of things they look like they still have it...

Hitting the theters 2012, May 25th, is Men in Black III, Let's just say Agent J and Agent K are back, well something like that, [Watch the official trailer here]

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


From Boss Bitch Music vol. 3- Rasheeda Ex Girlfriend [Official Video]

Boss Bitch Muusic vol. 4 coming soon!!!!!

Another vid from BBM 3, one of my favorite boss bitch remixes from Rasheeda "Racks on Racks"

follow Rasheeda on twitter: @rasheedagapeach

Meek Millz [Urban Exclusive] House Party feat Young Chris [Official Video]

Jigg - I do this [Official Video]

from the High Grade Mixtape, and I hear he is working on High Grade 2....The same guy with the radio smash "Rockin Wit" my question is all these viral videos Jigg is throwing at us, what's up with the official video for "Rockin Wit" rockin'?

What is or Who is www.cjmcgruder.com?

Need a Laugh, Advice, or both Check out your boy CJ Advice Column Here

Introducing the Cloud Nein Boyz pronounced Cloud 9, New Mixtape with  Single "Move Yo body"
[Click on Cover to Listen]

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Urban Update: Street Connect DJs Toy Drive & Picnic

Street Connect DJs Toy Drive & Picnic

Date: Saturday Dec 17th

Time: 12:00 - 5:00pm

Where: Central Broward Regional Park
3700 NW 11th Place, Lauderhill Fl 33311

Tis the season to give back!!! Time to give back to the ones in need. Street Connect Dj's is asking everyone to come out and support, all you need to do is come bring at least ONE unopened toy or a FEW canned foods, every little thing counts.

ARTIST if you want to perform bring at least TWO unopened toys PER artist, give back to the community and showcase your work.

We will have live music, bounce-houses and food for everyone to enjoy, so why miss out?

If you have any questions or would like to become a sponsor feel free to contact SCDJ's PR- Ms.KarinaMontes@Gmail.COM

Urban Update: Think like a Man 2012, Single Ladies new Lady, Lloyd Xmas Song, and More

Think Like a Man [Official Trailer] hits theaters March 9th, 2012

Here is the new chick who is replacing Stacy Dash on VH1's Single Ladies

Her name is Denise Vasi, and she has different color eyes too lol. Lisa Raye and Charity will still be on the series. Production of Season 2 of Single Ladies begins in January 2012, and the series will return sometime in early summer.

Look out for Micheal Jackson Kids reality show coming soon

According to reports, Paris, Prince Micheal, and Blanket aka Jr., have been given the opp to do a reality series, and are really considering...really, do you really think this kids are the one's considering this one? And Paris already got her first movie role.

Check out what Candy from Sweet Addictions 2 cents on this past weeks Love & Hip Hop and Real Housewives, and exclusive information she lets us know about one of the men of Real Housewives of Atlanta:

check out more from Candy on Sweet Addictions Tv and subscribe
Follow on twitter @ twitter.com/sweetaddictions

Tis the season.....Lloyd is definitely in that Christmas spirit this year. Another original Christmas tune "You & Me (This Christmas)

Thursday, December 8, 2011


New Year's Eve [The Movie] is in theaters this Friday Dec 9th, 2011 with Ludacris, Halle Berry, and others  its the sequal to the movie Valentines Day.

It seems like a cute movie. I will be going to see it! I don't think I'm going to see it this Friday, DEC 9th, it's in theaters but I'm most definitely will see it either before or on New Year's Eve.

Vivica A Fox talks about what happen with the engagement, says she is enjoying being single, focusing on her career, and doing her right now:

She said this time she is going to try "Something New" because she seems to always be falling for a 6pack and a smile and doesn't never quite work out. Do you think she might go Halle's route, go outside the country to find her groove for a minute?

I'm telling you, The dolphins are winning because Reggie is got that Kim K with benefits back in his life! Since Kim and Kris broke up, and ever Miami Dolphins game after they have won and they almost won the Thanksgiving game, but of course Dallas was not going to have that.

So TJ Holmes is leaving weekends on CNN for his own show on BET

I thought CNN check would be bigger, but I guess your own show is better. So he was married then divorced (samore gets happy) dated Chilli (they just dated, samore says), then broke up and he is now married (damnnn) to an attorney in Atlanta Ga, damnnnn that's a lucky woman right there. He is a fine ass man right there, thats how and what I want for one's future husband baby daddy, man in my life to look like this...He got some pretty sexy eyes and so articulate with it, that's the kind of man that would be my match, I'm just saying.

People.com catches up with Robin Thicke while he is promoting his new music project "Love After War", and he talks about his son Julian and wife really has made him be a less selfish person and better performer, check out the FULL STORY VIA EURWEB.COM BY CLICKING HERE

Robin and Paula with baby Julian

Robin says Julian is already singing and dancing. I guess he's going to be like his daddy lol.

Basketball Wives (the original) new season debuts in February, and one of the new chicks on the show is Kenya Ball, so she was on a radio station, let us know they are still filming the season, but debuts her "single" what you think?

DMX is really a changed man, he is really helping out his fans, one fan asked him to finish his work on the job, he did that, and another fan asked him to play wheelchair b-ball with the disabled vets in San Antonio...he did it!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Urban Update: 10 Urban Gift Ideas & Diggy Simmons "Do It Like You" Video

Urban Top 10 Gift Items

1. DJ Samore da urban playlist (any or all) Stay Tuned for giftpack on sale
2. Monica New Day Album (comes out next week)
3. Martin Season 1-5 Dvd series
4. coming to america dvd
5. dvd player
6. a christmas card
7. gift card of any sort
8. gas card
9. cash
10. t shirt that says my favorite dj is dj samore or my favorite radio show is #theueshow ; MOST PRICELESS GIFT

Brand new Diggy Simmons "Do it like you" [Official Video] feat Jeremih

Diggy is killing 'em with this one!!!!! We know who got the music genes in the fam! Diggy will make the show in 2012! I'm hoping fellas you are paying attention to Diggy youngin' right here. I'm Just Sayin!

R.I.P. to my brother our brother DJ Pro, the top 10 comments left on Deejay Pro Face Book page on the show, but here is an urban moment from my brother DJ Pro; who passed on thanksgiving, he will definetely be missed.

Urban top 10 what we should be thankful for:


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Urban Update; Cement injected in Your Face; Melanie Amaro on xFactor, and MOre

This is what your face looks like when cement is injected into it

This is a 48 years trangender female who has come forward too says that the transgender doctor in Miami did this too her face. This is what she looked like after a mishap went wrong with a chin and a ballooning upper lip after Morris administered the back room beauty treatment. 

Damn that's what you get for being cheap...Come to find out this "Doctor" is quite popular in the transsexual community. She said she learned her lesson but damn you got to look like this now. DAMNNNNNN!!!!

Melanie Amaro performing on Xfactor; all I will say is I knew it from when she song Beyonce's "Listen". She is going to win, she has to win; like u get chills when she sings. I can't wait til she wins because she will be on the ue show. In case you missed the performance last nite "Micheal Jackson" theme, Here is her performance:

The lil black boy he is pretty good too, and the white boy is cute too, but Melanie she got this, If she doesn't win they soooo cheated!!!!

Micheal Jackson Kids were there with their grandmother and uncles too for the Micheal Jackson tribute show
Do you think if Micheal was alive, the kids will be shown like this, they do look like their daddy tho, especially Prince Mike and that Blanket or his name is Prince Micheal Jr right?, the thing is the baby he looks like he has a different mama

Melvin Childs said he is to credit to where Tyler Perry is today:

Really dude, Really I mean Tyler Perry is where he is because of GOD, you didn't have to sell drugs son, and matter of fact, he did shout you out on stage. Now dude has a book, Tyler Perry Never Would have Made It, coming out Feb 2012. I guess it should be worth reading at barnes and nobles

So I guess he is the "Friend" Tyler credits that changed his life here:

Bow Wow says he's good! He is straight! Check out the latest viral music video.

He goes in and put folks on blast to, don't worry about him he got paper, but he does delay the long awaited new project via YMCMB recorrd label.

Cyhi the Prince- Chance to Explain [Official Video] - Holding it down for the Atliens digg!!!


URBAN UPDATE: The YRB Headlinez, Keith Sweat DAMNNNN, and More!!!

Brianna Headlines Remix [Official Video]

you see the young rich Brianna getting it in son, follow Brianna on twitter @briannatheyrb

Keith Sweat - Make you Say Ohh [Official Video]

Damn Keith Sweat looks hella smooth for 50 damn, he is on his Ronald Isley Mr Biggs, I know he got to be checkin' IDs making sure they at least 18, but 21 and up. Damn Damn Damn...when I seen the video that is all I can say. So you call a older woman cougars right, so what do say to the older men DAMNNNNNNN.

Check out what I found one youtube; 12 ghetto days of Christmas this is hella "urban" naw it's what it is ghetto as hell. Check it out here:

[Mixtape Posting] Big Amp P.O.L.O. (Players only live once)

Connect and Follow Big Amp: