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Thursday, February 23, 2012

URBAN UPDATE: Whitney Really Last Photo, More New Music Videos Youngin Da SP, OmG Girlz , and More

President Barack Obama adds hella swag to being president, check him singing "Sweet Home Chicago":

Smart, Attractive, Smart, Cool, Charismatic, Knows what to say....you tell me why he won't get another 4 years. Make sure we Ba-Rack The Vote come this Fall.

Mariah on GMA with Robin Roberts talks about what's going on with her, and we see pictures of the pretty twins "Monroe and Roc" they are just too cute
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You see how Rihanna is into her "urban look" these days....

I guess she feeling extra ratchett these days with her "Thug Life" "tatt" must be it was how she got Breezy back...or maybe they are just friends and "Cam" ever now and again...It sure sounds like it in that "Birthday Cake Remix":

New from Youngin Da Sp 2012 "Dope Chick" [Official Video]

Omg Girlz - Gucci That (Gucci This) [Official Video]
Tiny's group with Star which is their daughter in the group, OmG Girls must come through on The Urban Experience....

I think I hear ATL Trip coming....another spot I might get stuck there don't wanna come back to South Florida.

Tyler Perry worked with Tiffany Evans before she became known and hit Disney, Then he got China Anne McClain (Daddy's Little Girls and House of Paynes) Now she is in Disney Channel and doing her music thing. Check her out:

Robin Thicke Tribute to Whitney Houston "Shoop Shoop"

He said he recorded it years ago, recently after Whitney Houston passed he listened to it and felt it was apporatite to release it now

Only in the African American community I know where we take pictures of dead people in their casket at the viewings/funerals, so with that you know it had to be an African American at the private viewing sold this picture to the National Enquirer

Can you Imagine How Much Money They Got For That Exclusive? By the way, Whitney look like she was sleeping, buried in her favorite purple dress, gold slippers, and all. RIP Whitney. Rest in Peace.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Urban Update: Videos from Jigg305 Officially "Rockin Wit" , Tyrese "Nothin' On You, and More

Jigg from the 305 finally releases the highly anticipated Rockin' Wit Official Video, single off High Grade Mixtape/Album

"Rockin Wit" - Official Video

The song familiar right it's how we kick off the urban experience/dj samore show:

Tyrese - Nothin On You featuring Chilli

'Rese and Chilli look like some off screen action is happening right here, nice video, nice song. 2012 year for the R&B son.

Beyonce working on the new projects, production duo Black n White entered the End of Time Remix

Click the Banner To Vote

New from H Town's Kirko Bangz "The Pole"

Only because he's a cutie. shout out to all the strippers i mean exotic dancers thats a hell of a hustle for realz.

Check out Candy from Sweet Addictions TV's What the world is going on in the World? Cousin Patches visits and adds some color to this episode...

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follow her on twitter @sweetaddictions

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Urban Update: Back to Regular Schedule Program....Something Soulful, New Usher, and For the Lovers

DJ Samore presents 
It's 2012 For The Lovers Edition

New from my West Coast Homies "Jake and Papa" with the project "Something Soulful"

I think this one is my favorite from the "bruthas", better yet I know it's my favorite. My favorites Sex Education, B.A.P.S. I wonder is there a particular B.A.P.  in their lives because you know I have that #FBD list.

Brand New from Usher "Climax"

You hear Usher back on his SANGING....that pop electronic ish wasn't doing anything for his U.S. fans...I'm Just Sayin.

SWV "Co-Sign" Official Behind the Scenes...

Look out for the official video coming soon....The new album "I Miss Us" is due out in stores April 7th. They will be on the ue show....have a question send it to theueshow@gmail.com.

Urban Update: Whitney Houston is Really Gone With A Great Home Going Service

Fantasisa express her feelings losing of Whitney Houston

Monica tribute to Whitney Houston during performance:

Monica is definitely one of those singers that comes close to "The Voice" the legend Whitney Houston. Whitney aka Nippy will always be missed but we can't forget she left us with catologs of hits and memories.

There was a private viewing Bobby Kris and Cissy walk in the funeral home

One of the touching moments at Whitney Houston furnel when Ray J broke down when the carried whitney's body out the church:

Other moments where Alicia Keys and R.Kelly's touching performances. Kevin Cosner speaking...Whitney Houston will sure be miss and never forgotten. Another artist I never got a chance to meet. The only person that is on that list is Alicia Keys and I hope to see her soon.

Clive Davis with Brandy and Monica Grammy Interview:

Here is when Whitney Came up gave Brandy the note...Everyone want to know what said. I think it could have said "Jesus Loves You and so do I" ....Check it out and try to read Brandy expression:

These random moments we will miss Whitney Houston....

for some reason this last moment makes me tear up...I never got to meet Whitney, everybody is so lucky who got a chance to be in her presence.

Whitney Was Sure One of a Kind...
My Love is Your Love .....RIP Whitney We Miss You and will always remember what you did and set the standard for other artist to follow you...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Urban Update: Whitney Houston, Nicki Is Really Crazy but Smart, Tyler Vision, and More

Nancy Grace reaction to Whitney Houston death. 
Only Nancy Grace incinerate that someone would push Whitney under the water.

Ray J promoting his new book about being a former player or reform player; side note, did you happen to see him on Dr. Drew's Life Changers? Anyway, in the video clip below, He says him and Whitney just had dinner, Grammy weekend they were just kicking it.
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The Tub Whitney Houston was pulled out of....

TMZ has all the true exclusives

Tyler Perry is getting ready for the first movie of the year "Good Deeds" in theaters Feb 24th. On Jay Leno, he discuss his latest television show "For Better or Worse" on TBS, getting picked up for 35 more episodes. Fridays are officially Tyler Fridays on TBS. Meet the Browns, House of Paynes, and now For Better of Worse. He revealed the name of his network channel he wants to start "Tyler Vision".

Check out clips of Tyler Perry on Jay Leno:

"Good Deeds" in theaters Next Friday, February 24th, 2012.

Nicki Minaj talks to Ryan Seacrest about the Superbowl with Madonna, and Roman at the Grammys:

Here is something interesting...Kobe and Vanessa getting it popping after one of the Lakers Game???

Kobe just gave her 3 mansions and 75 million dollars. If he really is trying to get back to her Vanessa is a player/pimp or some may call her "the ultimate hustler".

Monday, February 13, 2012

Urban Update; Whitney Houston Heart Attack Overdose on Prescription Pills

Whitney Houston Update:

I am kind of happy that the reason had nothing to do with any illegal type of substances. I'm still sad to say we lost a music icon who was going to make her comeback this year staring in the Sparkle Remake later this year. Learning that she was a possible mentor for this season of XFactor, that can't happen anymore now that she's not with us. All we can do is pay tribute to her, and remember she was one of the highest selling, best female vocalist of all time. She was also a pretty darn good actress too.  And Bobbi Kristine mother. Our prayers and hope that Bobby Kris, her mom, and the rest of the family are okay. We understand their morn. Whitney Houston wasn't just our favorite artist, she was our sister, aunt, cousin. We definitely will miss her and will not forget her.

"Law enforcement sources told CBS NEWS that while there were no illegal substances found in HOUSTON's hotel room, there were prescription drugs. Authorities said the most likely theories for HOUSTON's death are that she died of a heart attack or a prescription drug overdose, CBS NEWS correspondent JOHN BLACKSTONE reports."

TMZ Reports from the family that Whitney Houston aunt was there to help her get ready for the show later that night, She had laid out her dress for that night. Her aunt left for about an hour and a half, came back Whitney was still in the bathroom, where she found her in the tub and pulled her out trying to give her CPR...and that's when the ambulance was called and she was pronounced dead. Reports say that they wouldn't let Bobby Kris in to see her mother either, Her body is sent back to Atlanta, Her mother is going to bury her there. In Atlanta, is must where she and her family stay, because if she is from Jersey why be buried in Atlanta, to eaches own I guess.

Clive Davis of course had some words to say Houston's sudden death, "By now, sadly, we've all learned of the unspeakable [tragedy] of our beloved WHITNEY's passing. I don't have to mask my emotions, not in front of this room filled with so many dear friends. I am personally devastated. WHITNEY was so full of life ... she was a beautiful person with talent beyond compare. She graced the stage with a regal presence ... and her family asked that the show go on."

Remembering Whitney Houston Gone but never will be forgotten, those might come close but have yet to touch Whitney's vocal performance.

Whitney Houston - It's Not Right But It's Okay

It really will be okay RIP to Whitney aka Nippy...Missed by the world

Whitney Houston & CeCe Winans - Count on Me

Stay Tuned to the urban experience this week for a crazy urban whitney tribute mix from DJ Samore....

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Urban Update: Whitney Houston R.I.P. Dead at 48! Tribute to Whitney Houston

We are in disbelief but we lost icon in popular not just R&B Music, Whitney Houston is an artist that most R&B vocalist look up too and are inspired by. We don't know the cause just yet, but her last performance and appearance was Thursday at Kelly Price R&B & Friends show.

Rumors first said that Ray J found her body in the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, Saturday Feb 11, 2011,  later was corrected that it was her body guard. Her last appearance was at Kelly Price R&B and Friends Pre Grammy Event, check out her getting a little performance in:

Bobbi Kristina was right there, the two of them were seen hand and hand. Whitney Houston seem nothing more but happy. She was introducing everybody to Bobbi Kristina.

A little fact about Whitney in case you didn't know, Whitney Houston sold 300 million albums world wide, and 70 of those millions were just in the US alone. She along with Micheal Jackson were one of the few artist to ever go Diamond. And if you don't know what Diamond is, Gold is 500,000 albums sold, 1 million is Platinum, 100 million is Diamond. Not many hit that 100 million mark on an album, especially of today urban musical artists.

In rememberance of Whitney Houston:

One of the most or THE MOST MEMORABLE SUPERBOWL STAR SPANGLED BANNER Performances in 1991.

From the movie "Preachers Wife": "I believe in you and me"

The hit from the classic "The Bodyguard" "I have nothing"

Rumors have it that they are working on a remake and Jennifer Hudson is to be playing the Rachael Marron character.

Throwback Throwback Whitney Houston "HOw will I know"

Clive Davis signed her to Arista and she recieved a 100 million dollar advance, being that she sold over 300 million albums worldwide. He made his money back and she made hella muchu denero too. I'm talking about stacks on top of stacks for real though.

Another Throwback, doing my research this song came out the year I was born "Saving All My Love"

We can't forget the very first BET Awards, BET Honored Whitney Houston with the very first BET Lifetime Achievement Award

Christina Aguilera was one of the ones on hand to pay tribute to the singer in 2001, the 1st Annual BET Awards

Whitney Houston sings her classic remake "I will Always Love You"

However, this is my favorite song from the movie "The Bodyguard": "I have nothing" the vocal performance in the song she does is crazy!

And just this year she was going to make or would been making her comeback to acting in the remake of "Sparkle", She was playing the sister's mother. Check out interview with her and Jordin Sparks who plays Sparkle in the remake, coming out August 20th this year.

So who is going to play Savannah in the Waiting to Exhale Sequel "Getting to Happy" .....

I found this picture and caption on Facebook:

"Micheal Jackson had us thinking we can dance and Whitney Houston had us thinking we can sing"
 soooo sooo true. Two Musical Icons gone. And yet we don't know the cause of death of Houston, but something tells me drugs played a part just as Jackson's death. Soooo sooo sad. It's up to the artist like  Jennifer Hudsons and Fantasias carry on.

RIP Whitney Houston will are definitely missed already!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Urban Update: Baby Blue Ivy Genetics Was On Her Side

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

I think Beyonce Jr. Would have been a perfect name because Blue Ivy looks just like her mama; which probably means she might act hella like her pops Sean dot Carter aka Jay Z .

Well we finally know what lil Blue Ivy look like, cute lil baby girl. We know it's Jay Z baby Too 

She got them lips...other than that She is Bey all day!!! Congrats to Mama and Papa Carter 

Blue Ivy Carter 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Urban Update: New Music from Antonie Dodson And More!!!!!

So I guess we are done with hiding your kids and your wives....He's singing love songs now

Lovesick Lullaby by Antoine Dodson feat. Brent Morgan

I ain't going to lie it doesn't sound half bad!!!!!

Rihanna and Breezy back together, we knew it was going to happen.

Porn and Weed = Snoop Dogg, doesn't surprise us at all!  The thing is have ya checked it out yet? 
Listen Here:

Not for AT WORK or CLASS ....Flashback with Karrine Stephans and Lil Wayne, She's still in love with him


Candy Sweet Addictions Tv: Sweet Solutions w/ special guest Donell Jones

Flashback from the past: Tisha Campbell "Push"

Urban Update: Just An Urban Ghetto Mess!!!!

After the Superbowl we heard Cee Lo was making it rain with homies Goodie Mob at the strip club. Now we see Ne-yo making it rain himself in the strip club.

The stripper has tattoos all over her body is that neccessary, just a hot ghetto ass mess. Sources say Ne-yo made it rain about 2k-3k up until 2am-3am in the morning.

She was working for that cash that night! Hey to each is own, I guess someone gotta shake that A$$ for the cash. That's her hustle she's on her grind! Can't hate her for that but damn tattoos all over her body. Is it just lady like.

Looks like he had some fun! Senior VP of A&R of Motown Universal.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Urban Update: DJ Samore R&B Picks of the Week

DJ Samore : R&B Spotlight

Brandon Hines - Yes You Are

Tank - Next Breath

Anthony Hamilton - I'll Wait [to fall in love]

Brandy & Monica - All of it Belong To Me



Thursday, February 2, 2012


Michelle on Barack's singing...says she used to it. But uhhh Mitt Romney singing...she was like it was America's song and meant to be sung by every American check out the clip from when she was on Jay Leno:

Michelle is my role model she's smart and she represent her man right and still is seen as a strong black woman, you go girl!!! She needs to be Miss Miss' Go Getta of the Week.

So BET not playing Nicki Minaj's "Stupid Hoe" Video, I'm with BET on this one, really what kind of message are they sending to the young kids that watch the only show that it would play on BET, which is 106 and park, since that's where videos are played...Stupid Hoe really??? The video is what artistic??? But definitely doesn't do anything to uplift the African American community.

Fellas love the new jean advertisement ...New Kardashian Jean line, check out the product ad

I didn't know Khole was the youngest (27), Kim (31) , Kourtney (32)

Romney doesn't care about the Poor People of Americans...and last time i checked a lot of middle income American's have slid down to the poor spectrum because of presidents like he trying to be...Thanks to Obama some of us are getting back middle class..Check out the Clip with him and Soledad from CNN

Brand New Tune From R.Kellz "Share My Love" ..... The new album he wants you to "Write him Back" expected in March...