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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Urban Update: OMARION IS BACK!!! Men in Black 3 This Week and Fantasia Sexy and She Know It!!!

Omarion - Let's Talk feat Rick Ross

 Omarion might be maybach O now but damn this nigga is still Sexy O to me. I do have a quick problem why are the women in the women white, is he telling us that is the only kind of chicks he trying to talk to. a little different type of girls in the video would been nice, a little diversity. All I know if i see him, I'm going to still gon be like "Let's Talk Baby". the question is will he reply? I love the swag, singing, plus, a brotha that can dance, and Omarion that yellow gold looking jacket with no shirt he looking hella sexy there too. Omarion always been number one on the FBD list...I think Ross did a good thing signing O to the team MMG.

 Self Made Vol. 2 should be hot. I know Omarion is not too tall but you know they say short brothers got to compensate for the height I'm just sayin.


 Fantasia outfit performing at the American Idol....
I guess she said I'm sexy...I'm gon flaunt it like that, the new man and the mirror must loved it... 

 Men in Black 3 In theaters this weekend!!!! Agent J and K are back!!!  

 Bad Boys 3 in works stay tuned!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Urban Update: Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks Duet and Take it to The Head, Diggy "4 Letter Word"

Whitney Houston & Jordin Sparks - Celebrate

From the motion picture "Sparkle" in theaters August 17th. Here is the trailer below:  

 DJ Khaled Take It To The Head Official Video - It definitely looks like a MOVIE, especially when they shot it Universal Studios in Los Angeles.  
  Diggy new video "My Four Letter Word"  

Here is a What The Hell Moment for the week: Kreyshawn I thought she was done when she came out with the gucci gucci louie song..now she has Breakfast with 2 Chainz. I am not going to lie; it's only because 2 Chainz was featured I listed to it for a minute and was like REALLY!!!!  

Urban Update: Donna Summer Tribute and the Others Recently Lost

First R.I.P. to the Queen of Disco "Donna Summer"

 Last Dance (Live)

 Last Dance from the movie Thank god it's friday,Donna Summer acted in, an "last dance became a hit.

 In 1978 Donna Summer acted in the film "Thank God It's Friday" playing a singer determined to perform at a hot disco club. The film met modest success, but a song from the film, titled "Last Dance", reached number three on the Hot 100 and resulted in Summer winning her first Grammy Award. Its writer, Paul Jabara, won an Academy Award for the composition. 

 Donna Summer - This time I know it's real

Donna Summer- Classic- She works hard for the money  

Chuck Brown the godfather of Go Go, a sound created in the Maryland, DC area...Here is Bustin' Loose

 Chuck Brown, It Don't Mean A Thing, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY 7-30-11  

RIP to Chuck Brown

Sunday just before the Billboard Awards went live from Vegas; word that Robert Gibbs of The Bee Gees lost his battle with cancer passed. 

RIP to Robert Gibbs

 Bee Gees Stayin' Alive

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Urban Update: Nicki Minaj Tryna Be White, Tia talk about the Game, Shaunie Statement and More

Nicki Minij ft Chris Brown - Right By My Side

 I just want to know, why is Nicki Minaj trying to be this white chick, because she looking hella non African American right now. Like is she not happy with being black? I'm having an issue with that. It really look like she biting lil Kim, because Kim did the same thing, she was black then when she start getting them surgies she was looking hella less african american...Still a dope song but i'm just having a issue.

Tia not gonna be on Season 6 of The Game nor is Pooh Hall...like they might as well just left it as is in Season 5, because I don't know who is gonna watch season 6. I know they can't replace their characters. 

Check out Tia with lil Cree, Cree is a big boy 11 months

Tia talks about The Game, being a mama, the book, Tia and Tamara Show

Shaunie's Statement

President Obama on the view, ratings 4.7 million; here is a clip while the ladies test the Pres on his pop culture knowledge, lol.


 Halle Berry and Nahla in CVS

Nahla points out the paps

50 cent is looking real "Gully" in this picture right here

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Urban Update: SWV Interview, Bedroom Muzik, Music for the Weekend, and More


Interview with SWV's Leele Part One


Interview with SWV's Leele Part Two


I Missed Us - In Stores Now 

 Interview with Keith Robinson getting his singing BACK on  

 Dj Dirtdawg  Connect After Dark Bedroom Muzik Vol. 4
 (Click the Cover to Download)
Get the whole series 1-3 and more at www.djdirtdawg.com 

 While Dj Dirtdawg dropping that music for the bedroom, blame it on him if nine months later another mouth is here for you to feed. DJ Deuce is making music for the weekend.

 DJ Deuce kicks off the new series "Music For The Weekend" 
(Click the Cover to Download)

Black&White Usher Climax Remix 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Urban Update: Tyler Perry Studios Now, Bobby Brown Talking, and MOre

Check out the raw footage of the acutal damage done in the fire at the Tyler Perry Studies
It look like a scene in a movie went wrong or something, or maybe he could use it for the next movie or tv show scene?

Bobby Brown Interview on Good Morning America

Look out for even though it's a working title, "Keyshia Cole: Family First" coming to BET the fall

Another show to look out for is, the new single of "Single Ladies" May 28th at 9pm on Vh1

You see Obama shout Jeezy in his roast

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Urban Update: Track of the Week - "My Hustle" Keith Robinson

Urban Ent - DJ track of the week this week goes to Keith Robinson again, not because he came on the show, but because the song is hella true and real talk. My Hustle. If you are a true hustla, and know what it is to G-R-I-N-D then you would understand why I chose this as the track of the week.

 Keith Robinson "My Hustle" produced by Rza from Wu Tang

 stay tuned for the interview from the urban experience to be posted online.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

urban update: SATv hits the Pole Too, Urban Headlines Quickie, SWV Preview

Mary Mary aren't the only ones hitting "pole" to get their work out on....Check out Sweet Addictions TV Candy get her pole exercise on with The CINE Digital Magazine.
Can you believe the owner of the work out store is in her 40's? Talk about black don't crack especially when u getting your pole exercise on.

Check out Candy on Sweet Addictions TV and subscribe to the channel on youtube, www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv get to know Candy if u don't know her, like she got over 500 videos you will laugh you will cry, prob. do both at the same time, def a cool youtuber and part of the dj samore urban experience fam!
Quick Urban Headlines Update....more to discuss on the urban experience:

T.P. Studies, Tyler Perry Studios, in Atlanta, Ga reported on fire Tuesday , May 1st, Tuesday night yes the big ass studio where he film his movies in there, and open in 2008.

New Album from Lenny Kravitz

No. 1 movie in America 2 straight weeks "Think Like a Man", discussion of the 90 day rule on the show, any suggestions or oppositions send your thoughts to theueshow@gmail.com

Relationships break ups and disconnects, Martin divorces his wife, Samual Jackson wife says he is smart but emotional disconnected but is changing because she cut her hand and he took her to the hospital...really what else was he suppose to do, let her hand just bleed? Okay...then you have Usher and Temeka still fighting over the kids. This is why it's important you be careful who u parent your kids with. Temeka wants full custody and says Usher secretly uses drugs and Usher denies the allegations and wants increase daddy time. At the moment they are sharing custody now.

On other note can you think of 5 classic movies from the 1990's? the list will be disclosed on the show this week, any suggestions email them to theueshow@gmail.com.  


Here is their 2011 single "Co Sign" I missed Us the new album in stores