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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Music Videos from: Qwote "Letting Go" , M.J.B. doing it for the Chair dancers, and New Miguel

Qwote Letting Go Official Video

 Check out Qwote getting his grown man on, follow him on twitter now at @iamqwote

 New Miqual Adorn

It's a pretty nice track, I can digg it. It sounds a little "Prince Like". However, sidenote, don't be suprise if he makes an announcement next like our buddy Mr. Ocean aka Frank Ocean.

Check Out Mary J Blige getting her "Chair Dance" On, in the new video "Don't Mind", I'm digging this one too

LOVE AND HIP HOP ATL Spoof & SATV's Candy 2 Cents

Love and Hip HOp Spoof from Boca Raton, it's funny as hell  

VH1 Show Love & Hip Hop Atlanta SPOOF
Stevie J: http://twitter.com/Tpindell 
JOSEline: http://twitter.com/iamHarley 
MiMi: http://twitter.com/EryBdyHatesKris 
Erica: http://twitter.com/EsElleJay 
Momma Dee: http://twitter.com/Mzchasityhart 

Latest 2 cents on Love and Hip Hop Atl from Candy

Twitter: www.twitter.com/sweetaddictions 

Youtube: www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv

Monday, July 30, 2012

Urban Update: What the Hell Happen to Lucy Pearl & Urban Spotlight: DJ Menace

What The Hell Happen To.....Lucy Pearl

Joe Black from the cut, he swear he doesn't know about his song, he know Love and Basketball is his favorite movie.... But really after Dance tonight what happen to Lucy Pearl??If you know the email theueshow@gmail.com

Keke Palmer let us know that she's not a little girl anymore. Check her out busting out them 90's dance moves, get it girl.

 KeKe Palmer w/ Kevin McCall - You Got Me

 Bobby V - Mirror
Bobby V is oiled up very nicely...he's still hella short tho, like if i say he's too short dude is SHAWT, how us "kuntry folk say it"

Urban Spotlight: DJ Menace "Still In Love" , single from latest project The Solution, it's definitely a hell of a tribute to Hip Hop.

Follow DJ Menace on twitter @menacethedj; look out for The Solution on July 31st available on itunes, amazon, all them online retailers.

 Look out for "Brown Liquor Spotlight" of the week coming soon....

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Urban Update: Photos of the Week & Stacy Dash Singing???

James Brown Daughter....we got to do better, how do you get arrested for getting a stolen vehicle from an accident, and the people got hurt. The authorizes got the vehicle back, when they responded to a call on Tuesday morning at 1am over a altercation, Brown was having with another woman...

But DAMN, look at the picture of Venisha Brown, she do look like she "be bout that life"

Here's another Photo of the Week, OJ Simpson in jail. He looks very content in jail.
Look out for the movie that is coming out about his life. He's suppose to be doing really well in there according to his lawyer, coaching the softball team, lifting weights, etc. 

I can't stop it, Here's another Candid moment from the week. The shooter dude, who shot up the movie theater, he just look crazy, really Orange Hair???

Stacy Dash she get's fired off of tv shows, 46 years old, and now she wants to sing, Listen to the record where she sings 2 lines, sounding hella autotuned up, CLICK HERE, if you haven't heard it it.

Do you think Stacy Dash could turn to music now, pushing 50 soon?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Future, Diddy, Ludacris - Same Damn Time Remix

 Trey Songz "Simply Amazing"

Such a cute video from Trey, the new album seems going to be a good one. Trey has such a cute face to me.

Checking in on the show this week from the Atl, is Tex James talking about his new smash "Smart Girl" with Stuey Rock and BOB on the remix; if you haven't heard it then you must be sleep:

 Qwote - Letting Go (Official Video Coming soon)
follow Qwote on twitter; new twitter (@iamqwote)

Lloyd with his sexy ratchet R&B thug like, he remixes Future "Turn on the Lights": 

 Lil Scrappy - No Love (Official Video)

Sweet Addictions TV 2 Cents on Love and Hip Hop Latest edition; yes this is the Candy where here Joseline Parody went viral. She gives a pretty good wrap up of the show. Check it out:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Urban Update: What the Hell Happen to 6 & Love & Hip Hop Atl

What the Hell Happen to.....702 I know most of you remember them from "Where My Girls At" some of you will remember "Steelo" and was the theme song in "Cousin Skeeter". If you didn't know what "Steelo" was, it was the equivalent to the word "swagger" these days.

 But the question is What the Hell Happen to them???

 Check out this love and hip hop atl parody:

 Candy from Sweet Addictions Tv on youtube is crazy, she has Joseline's accent down from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. If you need a comedic relief real quick, this will do it.

Check out more from Candy on youtube at www.youtube.com/sweetaddictionstv

 Since we are on Love and Hip Hop Atl, check out Rasheeda's "Marry Me" Music Video:

 I'm just saying tho, where is the dude that she's putting it in the video, the chicken in the restroom where this came from? Sheeda girl ughh u got waaaay more harder stuff then this.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Urban Update: Black Women Speaks Out 'Bout Butt Injections, Praise some Negros and F some AT THE SAME DAMN TIME

Check out this 30 year old "expert" talk about her fake butt injections and even hip injections, and the reason she stop was not that it almost killed her, but because she was about to go to jail...she has 2 childern. She spent $16,000 on her ass...Really...u already know what's next, "We Got To Do Better". Check out the interview:

Vanity Wonder Massive Fake Booty & Fake Boobies by gabyybag

Time to Praise a couple of people; like Alicia Keys standing up and backing the get out and vote this election on "obama side

Another Praise goes to Willow Smith, 11 year old girl, want to stand up and speak up on human trafflicking and modern slavery, making her parents become active and speaking up in congress, and lil shorty was right there too

Zimmerman already has an F Dat Award for the year...but here is just proof why he gets a F U Negro!!!! He's talking about Trayvon "unarm" say i'm going to kill you, and says he prays for Trayvon's parents for their loss, how he killed his son...man GTFOH. Watch this clip from the interview:

Let's end this update, on a good, no cute note...The President and First Lady was caught on the kissing cam at the BBall game. They were booed the first time because they didn't kiss, but the 2nd time. Barack leaned over and kissed his woman, sooooo sweet, chivalry is still alive homies.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Urban Update: What the Hell Happen To (5) and Jam Spotlight of the WEek

First, What the Hell Happen To....Koffee Brown "After the Party" it seems like this was the only jam he ever put out, and it definitely was a jam, and it still be jamming.

Koffee Brown- After The Party

JAM OF THE WEEK...you know DJ Samore be hella jamming right and put you onto that new new. Here is some of that "new new" check out Jermaine Dupri and Pharell new artist "Leah Labelle".


The chick reminds me straight up and down young teena maria, I even said it on the radio.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Urban Update: Obama Effect & I Got 99 Problems and Mitt Aint One

The obama effect - in select theaters Friday, a real movie about a man who had Obama Fever back in 2008. Seems like a good movie; but I'm just saying why does it have to be in select theaters is it because it's about Obama. #imjustsayin


Mitt Romany defintely get's F dat Negro this week, so I must  spotlight this one "99 Problems but Mitt aint one"

 This is why Mitt get's the F dat negro this week because of the stupid thing he would say, you don't talk no anti obama ish in front of the NAACP come on now...and he refuse to take back his comments really....did you really think that was going to get you the black votes

 Then this dude trying to trap Venus Williams trying to twist her words saying she isn't going to protect the Obama campaign, but if you listen she didn't mean it like that, she said she's into sports and don't really know much about the economy...Damn bastards i can't stand them check out the video
 What in the earth does this 6 year old know about making some booty pop!!! We got to do better!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012




Any artist that had a hit, it was that jam on the radio? What happen to them obviously they feel off, but let's give them some shine for having such a great song they did back in the day. It's almost what's your "back in the day" throwback jam pick. Send in your suggestion to "theueshow(at)gmail(dot)com" with "What The Hell Happen To..." in the subject.

I will be looking out for your submissions, suggestions.

The UE Show....
@theueshow on twitter
www.facebook.com/theurbanexperience on facebook

DJ Samore @yodj_sourban

Urban Notice: Braxton Season 3, Black Folks We Need Do Better, and More

Season 3 - Braxton Family Values Tamar concentrating on having a baby, towanda say she would carry her baby, trina is getting her music thing poppin, Trina working on her hair shop...

check out a preview right here


 Check out this video:Black Folk Don’t Do on July 4th: dont Go Campin

 Black Folks We Got to Do Better: Parents just pimpin' out their 6 year old son [Broward County, Fl] 

 Mary Mary's Tina say i teach my kids to protect themselves, they better not come home saying they got beat up..video from Sister 2 Sister interview:

Lastly, Prayers for Usher and Temeka son declared Brain Dead, there has no brain activity detected since he was striked by a Jet Ski, while he was at Lake Lanair in Atlanta. Prayers is all we can send for him, because God the higher being is only can save this young man live. There is no report about him being off life support; I hope lil man is okay. Usher and Temeka have put their differences aside and there for their son.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Urban Notice: What the Hell Happen To (4): Case

This weeks What the Hell Happen to goes to Case....

 He had that song "Missing You" and then "Happily Ever After" , I wonder if he is living "Happily Ever After" these days...

 Throwback moment Case Missing You

Urban Notice: Celebrate Whitney Houston, Rosay Keep Your Shirt On, Candy get a Refill, with a BRAND NEW JAM OF THE WEEK

Urban Update aka Urban Notice.....an update that puts you on notice of what's going on? Works, right ? Okay maybe not.

Have you seen Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks new video, if you were a Whitney fan, or just a fan of "The Voice" you can't help to be like DAMNNN WHITNEY IS REALLY GONE....

 Celebrate (From the Motion Picture "Sparkle")

 Sparkle in theaters August 17th
 I feel like if you bootleg this movie, it would be total disrespect to such a vocal legend like Whitney Houston.

Now a lot of people said I was wrong for this one, because Rick Ross is rich and he can do what he wants, NOT, if he want's to be topless, go shirtless, then Ima need him to tighten up...Usher was looking hella sexy, but Rick Ross dark nipples was a hella turn off for me, I can't even listen to the song now without thinking about Rosay's dark nipples he was showing off in the video, I'm Just sayin.

Candy made the top 10 in the Tyler Perry contest, made her want to sing what she knew of Elle Varner's Refill....Check it out


 You didn't know Candy can sang, oh she be sanging.....

 Brand New Jam of the Week: Melanie Fiona ft J.Cole This Time  

 Interview with Elle Varner will be online soon