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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

U.E. Update: Young & Gettin It, Representing, Colour Magazine, Vote Black n White, Elders for Obama and More

Hot New Videos on the Scene:

Meek Mill w/ Kirko Bangz "Young and Gettin'"

Ludacris w/ Kelly Rowland "Representing"

Colour Magazine, new magazine based in the south but have contributers from all over, check out the first episode CLICK HERE 

Black n White, are mixshow/remix dj producers, are in the running for DJ on the Groove Cruise!!! , djing on this cruise....Click on the logo to listen to their 5 star mix, and rate the mix yourself!

The Elders support Obama, say if the Republicans Cheat they will burn this motherf****er down!!!

New Horror Comedy Movie, from the Waynes, Marlon Waynes' "A Haunted House"
Theaters Jan 11, 2013

Friday, October 26, 2012

U.E. Update: New Word "Ignit" and some examples of "Ignit"

New word for RAtchett as hell it's #ignit!

Bandz make her dance official video
Thanks to Juicy J the word Ratchett has officially played out!!!! so if you wanna be up on one then the word of the day is #ignit

#ignit is what Donald Trump really you nothing else to do to try to mess with the president, can we see your college transcripts Mr. Trump. I bet you didn't even go.

What is he saying black smart people don't exist....Donald Trump is a ignit sum of a beeep...

Do you think Obama should stoop to his level and show his stuff and take the 5 million for a charity he likes, or should he just brush the hate off his shoulders and let Donald Trump people do they own research at the university Obama went too..

email theueshow@gmail.com , or tweet us @theueshow , facebook.com/theurbnexperience Let us know what you think?

Non - Ignit: is WEtv they are one of the networks that don't really promote too much of the ignit situations that some reality shows possess. For Example, winning sisters, Erica and Tina together known as Mary Mary, will be back on WeTV for Season 2 of their show, Dec 16th at 9pm est

Here's a sneak peak of the new season:

Real Housewives of ATL debuts next Sunday, and being that we don't use the word "ratchett" anymore, some "ignit" situations will be going down this season, I hear new cast memeber, Kenya Moore is feeling Phardra's man Apollo...and of course thats not going to go to well with Phardra, Sunday NOv 4th it premieres; here's the season trailer:

Looks like there will be some good times and some ignit times ahead for the next season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta: A Whole New Atlanta....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

U.E. Update: TIP "Ball" , Brandy & Kendrick What Do You Think, Alicia Keys "Girl on Fire"

Check out TI New video, "Ball" With Lil Wayne, I personally think Wayne was not needed on the track...the video is like the song so "ignit"...it is def one of them "go ignit" type of songs.

Ain't no one messing with the king of the south, back on his throne! #Boss

Albums out this week:  Brandy Two Eleven and Kendrick Lamar Good K.I.D. M.A.D.D. City

Brandy is keeping R&B alive and Kendrick is keeping hip hop alive.

Next week, Meek Mill Nightmares and Dreams comes out.... in cased you overlooked the intro:

Speak about "Ignit" this album is going to be sooooo "ignit" i can't even wait on the pre released copy for djs like myself......

What is your favorite album on Kendrick Lamar album and/or Brandy's Two Eleven, send it to theueshow@gmail.com ; We will def get it in the mix on the show.

 Check out Brandy's teaser for "Wildest Dream" looks like she's taking it back with this one, reminds me of that Brandy from the 90's.

November 27th - Alicia Keys new album in stores "Girl on Fire" [Official Video]

 My Jam of the Week: Future ft Kelly Rowland "Neva End Remix"

Thursday, October 18, 2012

U.E. Update: R.Kelly "Trapped" Continues, Hunny Boo Boo Co Sign's "Marack"

Trapped in the Closet is back, and Chapter 23 is going to recap and let u know what to expect for the rest of the story....Nov 23rd at 9pm on IFC (Independent Film Channel) 

Check it out Here:

Remember it left off like this: Everyone talking on the phone the package the package; here's a memory refresher:

Honey Boo Boo Child say F Mitt Romney, well maybe not F Mitt, but since u wanna choose Snooki over me, I support "Marack Obama"; check out the clip from the "Jimmy Kimmel Show":

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

U.E. Update: Mitt Romney's A Liar, Just Disrespectful, Suing Because U Got HIV, and MOre

Check out Jay Anthony Brown from Tom Joyner Morning Show murder Alicia Key's "Girl on Fire" Hit, remixed it called "Mitt Romney's a Liar".

New Ace Hood feat Trey Songz "I need your love", the whole team cameos are in this piece we the best/ymcmb/mmg...only cameo missing was DJ Samore, what's up with that Ace.

Disrespecting the bus driver, your elders, wont just get u kicked off the bus but will get yo ass uppercutted the f up!!!!

The Big Sista Candy from Sweet Addictions Tv been coming across some crazy ass stories like people eating roaches, loosing their legs to fake ish injected in their asses to have a big ass, and this one got me who the hell wants to sue the doctor for telling them they had HIV..check out this rant with her and cousin patches:

check out Candy on her channel: Sweet Addictions TV
Follow @sweetaddictions

New Interviews from Syleena Johnson, Monifah, Jake and Papa, Q Parker from 112, Austin Brown, and more CLICK HERE TO CHECK 'EM OUT

Did you miss the show? Wanna catch a recap of the winning circle, the real in 2 minutes w/ Taelarmade, K Mitch Whys then CLICK HERE AND CATCH UP

Thursday, October 11, 2012

U.E. Update: Stacy Dash Republican, Sesame Street Team Obama, The Houston's Preview

Jackass move of the week: Stacy Dash unemployed, getting fired from movies and tv shows cosigning Mitt Romney, the only thing i can say is if Mitt cut her a check to co-sign for him, has she been listening to his platform what he thinks about women.... 

Check out this video, she tries to explain her theory:  

The whole Sesame Street is def behind the President on this one:

 Kim K is upset that the chick is having Reggie's baby; but she shopping for houses with Kanye and says he's the best man she ever been with....uh yeah..I still think Kanye is her replacement for Reggie Bush...who cries over because your ex is having a baby with his new chick, after being with a year and you was with him for longer, and they getting married....i'm just sayin!

The NBA Players got Obama Back Too:

 Mr. Vegas break down when he was talking about the sex scandal he was caught up in:

 Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon
in this picture Nick Gordon looks like bobby brown in his young days and Bobbi Kristina looks like Whitney Houston, but they break the news to the family and the family not feeling it, I don't see the problem tho because he already in the family, why not make it officially, her mama already approved him, it probably it was almost was like a pre arranged thing 

 Check out the season premiere October 24th of The Houston's On Our Own, on lifetime:  

 Christmas Day look out for D'Jango Unchained with Jamie Foxx; check out the latest trailer:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

U.E. Update: Letting Go vs Cry

Is this another case of the bigger guy trying to show off the guy on the come up??? Both records are sample from Brenda Russell's Piano in the Dark. Both are pop version. One came out gaining hella buzz first, then the bigger guy puts out a video for his version.

Take a look at Qwote's Letting Go single then Flo Rida's I Cry and you decided which is the better record. Flo's version is more emotional, but take the "name" out the equation and which one is the better song,  the one you can really rock to.

In my opinion, I originally thought this was some case of some bitchassness like why would Flo Rida put out the same song like basically stealing the whole steez (sound/style) of Qwote's record "Letting Go". Then I talked to my homie Qwote, and basically he said there's no beef between the two. So, now I figure is it that Flo or the people around him see the momentum with Qwote's Letting Go and was like hey let's holla at Brenda Russell because you are Flo Rida and put out our version....

I don't know, but at the end of the day "Letting Go" is the better song. Flo Rida should have kept his emotional ass song on the album like fo real,  you can feel from where he came from and where he's at now but at the end of the day STAY IN YOUR LANE, or at least give credit to the homie Qwote.

Check out both "OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEOS" and you make the call...

 Qwote - Letting go (Cry Just a Little)

 Flo Rida - I Cry

email me your thoughts theueshow@gmail.com ; or message the urban experience on facebook; www.facebook.com/theurbanexperience, or hit u.e. on twitter @theueshow or @yodj_sourban.

Enough comments we might can get Qwote in the bldg to get his feedback live on the air, and the same for Flo Rida.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Urban Update: Nas say we got the Power, Nicki vs Mariah 4 Ratings, Bonus Kid Ink Interview and More

Nas says that voting is the power of the young people, check out his video clip part of the ourtime.org 's "We Have The Power" voting campaign
others part of the ampaign include Renee Zellweger, Usher, Steve Carell, and the cast of “Workaholics.”

Nicki and Mariah on American Idol is it really for the ratings, Nicki is seem to want to take her job at critiquing the contestants serious, and feels the producers want Mariah to do stuff to make her go off, like in the recent behind the scenes blow up caught on set...u missed it???

Lifetime's all black cast remake of Steel Magnolia's premieres this weekend on Lifetime at 9pm est, view the movie trailer here:

Check out J.Xavier another supporter of Barack obama, he's a international hip-hop rapper, TV host, humanitarian and actor,he put together a track and a visual with his production team.

Check out Let's Stay Together feat President Barack Obama and Rev Al Green

Bonus: Check out this dope Kid Ink interview with music blog site http://LOZZAMUSIC.COM

Urban Update: Whitney Houston & R.Kelly, Real Housewives and Husbands, and More

New REworked Whitney Houston and R.Kelly duet "I Look To You"
available on "I will always love you: The best of whitney houston"

Nov 13th Real Housewives of ATL Season 5 Trailer:

 While Real Housewives of ATL is coming back with season 5;

It all started from the BET AWArds Kevin Hart's Real Husbands of Hollywood will be coming to light, 2013 with Nick Cannon, Boris kodjoe, Duane Martin, and Robin Thicke...

 Check out a trailer of Real Husbands of Hollywood:

Usher said his piece on Oprah's Next Chapter...Temeka was on ET and said how she felt on him sleeping with her friend/bridesmaid
Temeka look like she still feenin' for Usher tho....Or could it be that she miss her kids???

New Hip Hop Movie coming out featuring a lot of big hip hoppers and introducing some newbies like Brianna Perry "Must Be the Music"